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Just announced on Spike TV. Another online feature will be revealed at E3. For those of you that missed it, check out the video right here.

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# 1 MattIntellect @ 05/28/09 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by djordan


You beat me to it!
# 2 huntt26 @ 05/28/09 11:42 PM
I laughed, but it looks kinda cool. Not sure I'd ever use it
# 3 TheSaint92 @ 05/28/09 11:43 PM
Wow, I think that's teriffic news i can't wait to play 2 on 2.
# 4 Maximus205 @ 05/28/09 11:43 PM
AWWWWWWW LOUD NOISESSSSS!!!! That is going to be the tihs!!!
# 5 lint @ 05/28/09 11:44 PM
Nah it was not a waste of time....

Just because you do not like it does not make it a waste of time.
# 6 Progenitor @ 05/28/09 11:44 PM
I like the "Defensive camera view"...........it looked different then the SuperStar camera view.
# 7 cowboyscowboys @ 05/28/09 11:44 PM
Could care less I am sure some people will enjoy it though.
# 8 hollywood21 @ 05/28/09 11:45 PM
This feature bolds well for casual gamers. Good move Ian and co.

Now online franchise please
# 9 Cusefan @ 05/28/09 11:45 PM
It will be cool to play with a friends. Couple thoughts about this:

Will Online COOP be its own mode ( If I am playing by myself i do not want to play w/ 2 other people)

Will COOP be allowed in ranked matches?
# 10 drowsike @ 05/28/09 11:46 PM
Mayne u guys are fast
# 11 GQman2121 @ 05/28/09 11:47 PM
So how long is it going to take everyone to realize that this sport does not work with co-op? It just doesn't work; it never has.
# 12 blklightning @ 05/28/09 11:47 PM
meh on the co-op. but i did like that catch animation westbrook made on the sideline. finally no more of that ridiculous pirouette crap.
# 13 deltroy @ 05/28/09 11:47 PM
Is it just against real people or can you play 2,3, or 4 guys coop against comp?
# 14 Rebel10 @ 05/28/09 11:48 PM
Is it confirmed that it's 2 vs. 2 in Online Coop, or is it 2 vs. CPU only? Couldn't tell from the videos.

I'm glad about this because I'm generally better than a lot of my friends who play Madden, so it's not as much fun to play against each other because I either have to go easy on them or they get beat up on.
# 15 g2thecore @ 05/28/09 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by cowboyscowboys
Could care less I am sure some people will enjoy it though.
Yup I feel the same way....I just want to hear about the new features and improvements of offline franchise. Oh well, gotta wait for E3.
# 16 T9R @ 05/28/09 11:48 PM
The whole co-op thing is a snoozefest for me, I'm far more interested if those camera options extend outside of co-op mode.
# 17 Smoke316 @ 05/28/09 11:48 PM
cool feature those who will play it.. ill probably play it a few times. still holding out hope on online franchise. Phil said the online stuff will have both cooperative and competitive aspects, so hopefully we get our wish
# 18 daplayawitdafunk @ 05/28/09 11:48 PM
hopefully EA keeps it basic. I dont want no damn superstar view. Just keep it Madden. Or give me an option to keep it madden. I dont know the full details but EA always gives you something nice, just to take something away.
# 19 lolfalconsbeatu @ 05/28/09 11:49 PM
Seriously happy for everyone who really wanted that...

However, one thing that I noticed that I'm happier about is the fact that when I saw the Clip for IGN...the graphics looked ok -- but choppy? Idk if this makes sense, but after seeing it on Spike, I feel a lot more comfortable with the graphics and how much more Fluid the game looks compared to IGN's clips...
# 20 mvb34 @ 05/28/09 11:49 PM
Not for me because I need to run the whole show... Its cool as long as I don't play somebody online who tries to add the second player to my game. I hope there is special lobby for c0-op players..

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