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Chase has just posted this postgame video from Madden NFL 10.

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# 1 SteelerSpartan @ 06/03/09 05:42 AM
pretty nice
# 2 Cnada @ 06/03/09 05:53 AM
Looks Fantastic!
# 3 Accfsu34 @ 06/03/09 06:14 AM
man that looked good from the coaches shaking hands after the game to them playing to the rain.
# 4 steelernation28 @ 06/03/09 06:20 AM
Looks very good, but I hope its fully fleshed out.
# 5 steelernation28 @ 06/03/09 06:27 AM
Finally. Thank you Ian.
# 6 TJdaSportsGuy @ 06/03/09 06:28 AM
Love the drops of water on the camera lens.
# 7 TheWatcher @ 06/03/09 06:51 AM
Awwwww yeah... those replay camera angles look very sick gentlemen... very sick
# 8 MrSkagTrendy @ 06/03/09 06:54 AM
"talk to ian about presentation, he's got a tonne of information about that stuff"

or something along those lines.

# 9 DirtyBird @ 06/03/09 07:10 AM
The game looked great, the coaches actually looked real, the highlights also looked good, and the raindrops on the camera lens were very realistic
# 10 spankdatazz22 @ 06/03/09 07:18 AM
+ Rain effects/droplets on the camera looked great
+/- OL/DL play/pocket forming hard to judge; doesn't look to be where it needs to be
+ Graphics look great
- Player movement still looks somewhat stiff/robotic almost looks like they're gliding over the turf
+ Still looks better than '09
# 11 thesteamontheboat @ 06/03/09 07:42 AM
This just upd the replay value looks like ill be playing madden from august to august just like the good ol days.:woot :
# 12 seibu1 @ 06/03/09 07:45 AM
Why were there no highlights from any scoring plays??

JAX scored three TDs and shutout CHI and all we see are a few short yardage runs and passes?
# 13 davep @ 06/03/09 07:47 AM
looks pretty good!

Um, those 5 yard runs were highlights?

I see they brought back the raindrops on the lens from 08 pc...
# 14 dal_hawk @ 06/03/09 07:57 AM
looks pretty good. I'm sure they'll tweek on what highlights are used. Good to see weather has been updated without any previous mentions.

But did any one see Garrard? I swear he's white in this video.
# 15 countryboy @ 06/03/09 08:02 AM
Wow!! I was not expecting the presentation to make this big of a leap this year. Simply fantastic!
# 16 -DaVe- @ 06/03/09 08:04 AM
-Garrard Looks too skinny! I had no clue that was even him until I looked closer. Flak Jackets make a world of difference, me thinks.
-The presentation looks good but I don't get why the highlights are little runs and 10 yard passes?
-The QB play looks much improved , Thank God, but it still has a way to go to reach APF QB play level. I didn't like how Orton was movin in the pocket like nightcrawler.
-Didn't see enough of the running animations to really comment on it. But I did see a RB/FB running through traffic with his back straight as a flag pole. Not cool.
-More videos please
# 17 TheWatcher @ 06/03/09 08:08 AM
After seeing this video and Pasta Padre's vid that he just put up of the same game... I'm starting to wonder about the mud this year.

In 09, if you supersimmed ahead enough, the players didn't get covered in mud to the point of being unrecognizable. In these vids, they've been supersimming (this also probably answers the missing TD highlight mystery). In the vid, the players don't look covered, but knowing that this was supersimmed, it's impossible to tell how the mud will progress during regular use.
# 18 johnprestonevans @ 06/03/09 08:11 AM
# 19 RaiderKtulu @ 06/03/09 08:21 AM
God those Bears helmets bother me.

The rest of the video was good though.
# 20 seibu1 @ 06/03/09 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by boucher
maybe they ran a few plays and simmed the rest
Ahhh, good point. I bet you're right.

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