FIFA 10 News Post

IGN and Gamespot has posted the following FIFA 10 updates:
  • IGN: E3 2009: FIFA 10 Hands-on (PS3)

    "Without any such leeway, the answer comes in more authenticity, something that FIFA continues to strive for step by step. This year's improvements are all about iteration there's no bold claims about the number of changes as there was for FIFA 09, and rather a focus on what's been refined."
  • Gamespot: FIFA 10 Hands-On

    "The biggest change to the series in FIFA 10 is the new 360-degree control, which offers much greater finesse than ever before. Whereas in FIFA 09 your player would move in only eight different directions, the players in FIFA 10 have much finer degrees of movement."
  • Gamespot: FIFA 10 Impressions

    "The Practice mode is another big aspect of the game, and it's something that fans of the game have demanded. In this mode, you can have as few as four players on the field, but if you want to have a full squad on the field, that's also possible. But the main focus of the Practice mode is what it implies--to work on your skills for certain situations so that when a real game is on the line, you don't mess up."

Game: FIFA Soccer 10Reader Score: 8.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PS3 / Wii / Xbox 360Votes for game: 9 - View All
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