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E3 is thankfully over. As much fun as it was, I'm happy today was the final day. I'm sitting here at the airport, and in a couple hours I will be catching a late flight back to Philly.

Anyway, what did I do today? Well, I interviewed Peter Moore, captured some footage of some racing games (Need for Speed, Forza, Split Second) and also played some racing games (I heart Split Second). I also got a little more Madden NFL 10 footage and snagged a bunch of quick little videos so I could do some screen grabs and pop some images up on the site.

Overall, a pretty successful trip, and I'll be writing more about the games I saw and played during the next week. Expect to see some of my raw and edgy shaky-cam footage this weekend as well.

One last thing before I end this meaningless article: I was a little disappointed that there were not more diamonds in the rough on the show floor this year. I dedicated a large part of my day to finding the "hidden gems" at E3, but I simply did not find many sports games on the show floor to even play. Perhaps companies don't think about creating small-budget sports titles, or maybe they just don't think they would show well in this type of environment. Regardless, I wish there had been more sports games to cover at E3 this year.

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# 1 TreyIM2 @ 06/04/09 09:21 PM
Yezzir, more Madden 10 footage this weekend, bb!! Enjoying these Finals? I am. Lakers up 10! Let's GO, Lakers!
# 2 pfunk880 @ 06/05/09 12:55 AM
Split Second is really shaping up to be a game I'm looking forward to.
# 3 DirtyBird @ 06/05/09 08:07 AM
IMO it went by really fast and when they announced the big surprise or whatever we already knew what it was, well most of use did but i am still excited because the game play looks good and they fixed a lot of issues too.
# 4 DaveDQ @ 06/05/09 08:22 AM
The only reason we knew what the big surprise was was because there is a constant barrage of information flowing. I'm surprised the secret held so long. We kinda knew before that one Ian vid leaked the info, but I liked how they revealed it with the trailer.

Thanks Chase for the updates. I'd like to get to E3 someday myself.
# 5 pfunk880 @ 06/05/09 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by Timmay
What's this 'big surprise'?
Online Franchise.
# 6 kehlis @ 06/05/09 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by Timmay
What's this 'big surprise'?
Originally Posted by pfunk880
Online Franchise.
# 7 fiberchina89 @ 07/17/09 01:27 PM
Here precisely surprise))))

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