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This Madden NFL 10 video shows off a Romo to Austin TD and a nice hookup with McNabb and Jackson.

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# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/05/09 08:49 PM
Good video steve o thanks.
# 2 countryboy @ 06/05/09 08:52 PM
The TD pass was to Austin...not Crayton.

Something that I noticed....Eagles LB's were shown red in color on the formation selection screen. Good to see guys getting fatigued.
# 3 I Peench @ 06/05/09 08:52 PM
Looks good...I still don't understand why the Guards look so small. I mean yeah, generally Tackles are taller, but they look SO SMALL next to the Tackles.
# 4 erich20012001 @ 06/05/09 08:53 PM
I'm pretty sure the TD is to Austin.

I'm also wondering if Pro-Tak is disabled for E3, as it seemed that there were chances for gang tackles using Pro-Tak that weren't shown. Maybe there was a problem with Pro-Tak so they disabled it for the E3 build?
# 5 Da Bears @ 06/05/09 08:54 PM
# 6 Steve_OS @ 06/05/09 08:56 PM
LOL, my bad guys. Was reading an article about Crayton being used in the wildcat and had him on my mind when I wrote the original post. Multitasking can be a B.
# 7 cowboyscowboys @ 06/05/09 09:00 PM
wow D.Ware was fast off the edge
# 8 steelernation28 @ 06/05/09 09:33 PM
Animation looks very tight.
# 9 ChaseB @ 06/05/09 09:43 PM
Probably reading too far into it. On some occasions you'll see some guys standing around, but on other occasions lots of guys gang up for the tackle. I wanted to see those situations where the O-linemen push on the back of a player but didn't see any of that during my time with the game.

And the videos are on All-Pro for the record.

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