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# 1 adembroski @ 06/06/09 10:59 PM
Is there a rule at EA that states that someone on every design team must have a faux hawk?
# 2 The_Balm @ 06/06/09 11:06 PM
# 3 maddenps2 @ 06/07/09 12:03 AM
It still moves just like the orginal sim madden. The Madden engine wasn't made for arcade style games. We already saw that when they tried to paste the NFL Arena Name on the madden engine a couple years ago. They should be using an nfl blitz/street type engine for this game.
# 4 Hellisan @ 06/07/09 03:28 PM
For them to say that this isn't a ps2 build updated for the Wii is pretty funny.
# 5 Rocky @ 06/07/09 03:53 PM
Nonetheless, it runs ALOT smoother than the 360/PS3 versions. It's just mired in stupid options and fewer animations.

If they would add gang tackling and more presentation options, this would be the most impressive version of Madden yet, IMO.
# 6 maddenps2 @ 06/07/09 04:39 PM
The graphics and simple controls, which are too simple imo, aren't going change the fact the game is built upon the ps2 engine which isn't designed for this sort of game. I don't see why they didn't use the nfl street engine or build a new engine. Remember how they tried to do the same thing with the NFL area games...how did that turn out. This game will sell better simply because of it's looks and simplicity....just like most wii games..does that mean it's a good arcade football game...i doubt it.
# 7 Tengo Juego @ 06/07/09 04:48 PM
I like the visual style they chose. BUT I don't like anything else. Everything is dumbed down too much for me to play now. I might still give it a try though.
# 8 maddenps2 @ 06/07/09 04:52 PM
Yep i like the looks of it, i wish this was a new engine and a new franchise not related to the last-gen madden engine. Making more simple to make it more arcady is good, but if it's too simple it will get boring fast unless your a little kid that just cares about scoring none stop.
# 9 Triathlete_201 @ 06/07/09 05:02 PM
Day 1 purchase for me. This will be the Madden I play with friends and family who aren't into video games very much. The simple controls should make it fun for them.
# 10 goheat @ 06/08/09 07:57 AM
While it appears 'dumbed down' in some respects in the videos, my understanding is that the advanced controls and options are still available if the player wants them.

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