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Kotaku has the scoop.

"Saying it wanted to patch things up with its increasingly embittered and estranged retirees, the NFL Players' Association dropped its appeal of a multimillion-dollar judgment related to former players' uncompensated appearance in EA's Madden series."

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# 1 mastershake88 @ 06/06/09 09:49 PM
basically does this mean they they can use somewhat of their "stuff" now that it has been paid off? or its still none at all.
# 2 Aso21Raiders @ 06/06/09 09:57 PM
Not exactly sure what this means? Can someone explain it to me
# 3 turfguy23 @ 06/06/09 10:05 PM
What did the article say?

All I saw was this..........

# 4 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/06/09 10:30 PM
Basicly what this mean. Ea will never use the NfL retirees in the madden game again unless they pay them. But since the lawsuit is finally over. Now I am hoping next year Team builder will be added to madden 11 like Ian had planed to this year. But EA could not do it because of the lawsuit. But now I am assuming we now can add madden to the teambuild list for next year along with ncaa.
# 5 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/06/09 10:45 PM
I am saying Team builders might be in next year. But I don't know yet. But many 24 million bucks to EA is pocket money. EA in one year can sell 60 million copies of madden this year alone and make billions. I can see Team builders coming to madden 11. But thats up to Ian and EA.
# 6 maddenps2 @ 06/06/09 11:00 PM
This whole thing is pretty dumb, the players on the historic teams shared no similarities to there real life counterparts, not appearance, numbers, color, body type..etc...They where just generic players with good ratings.
# 7 bowdown2shadi @ 06/07/09 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by Pantherbeast
EA in one year can sell 60 million copies of madden this year alone and make billions.

Wtf is up with your math?
# 8 DirtyBird @ 06/07/09 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by GTheorenHobbes
This is just the suit against the NFLPA. Now that this one is over and done with, the legwork has been laid for the suit against EA. Between that and the Sam Keller suit, EA is going to have quite an expensive legal tab over the next 12-24 months.

And no, Pantherbeast...this settlement has no positive impact on Team Builder whatsoever. If anything, it makes the ground a little more shaky for TB in NCAA or Madden.
Thanks for explaining this i was clueless at first, you too Pantherbeast
# 9 Exonerated @ 06/07/09 01:51 AM
EA sells about 6 million copies and turns over about $50 per game sold.

They turn over $300 million dollars per year would be a good estimate.

If you're talking about profit,, its more like 30 million dollars profit.
# 10 dal_hawk @ 06/07/09 10:25 AM
um exonerated... grand theft auto IV estimated 100 million for cost, with madden only being developed under one year.. the max cost is more like 30 to 40 million... not no 270. Some how movies can cost a lot more.
# 11 The Lob Mob @ 06/08/09 09:05 AM
This is not shocking. . . .
# 12 PlatooN @ 06/08/09 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by bowdown2shadi

Wtf is up with your math?

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