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Pasta Padre has posted an article entitled, NCAA Football Heading Down Generic Path.

"Player names and how they are dealt with in EA Sports NCAA Football series has always been a sensitive subject. While there has been discussion over the years to reach agreement with the NCAA to allow names in that has not come to fruition. The last couple versions of NCAA Football have brought about some new community based features such as the EA Locker for roster sharing and Teambuilder. The Sam Keller lawsuit may or may not directly affect what happens with NCAA Football but it does seem to coincide with a move towards a more generic-rostered game. This especially considering the rosters found on Teambuilder that apparently are the final rosters shipping with the game."

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# 1 tylerd02 @ 06/09/09 01:54 PM
That's fine, one less feature so that means they are going to be charging less right?
# 2 Drocks @ 06/09/09 01:58 PM
Would be a very bad move if they did go completely generic. The ability to edit the rosters is not a reason to just ignore them completely. People take a lot of time to edit these rosters already, let alone without them being completely inaccurate.

They need to find a way to be "generic" while keeping the rosters as close to as possible. Maybe using different numbers for players but keeping the attributes the same. Changing one appearance thing about players and keeping all the rest accurate. Completely random rosters would suck though.
# 3 sportzbro @ 06/09/09 02:00 PM
every day, my heart breaks a little bit more
# 4 TheWatcher @ 06/09/09 02:00 PM
The reason for Team Builder is beginning to make more sense every day now...
# 5 yanks26ngoin @ 06/09/09 02:01 PM
Sam Keller you make me sick
# 6 ActLikeYouCrow @ 06/09/09 02:04 PM
goodbye regular online play
# 7 BBkobe87 @ 06/09/09 02:06 PM
This may be the death of the NCAA franchise for a lot of us. If it is indeed true
# 8 Happyvally74 @ 06/09/09 02:09 PM
Are the schools going generic too? I'm failing to see what SaM Keller's Lawsuit has anything to do with a team having no freshman or players that should be gone?
I could understand if a black player was lighter or maybe not as big as he should be, but having this huge roster gaps and errors is unexcusable.

Generic Helmet
Generic Gloves
Generic Cleats
Generic Rosters
# 9 mjussawalla @ 06/09/09 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by TheWatcher
The reason for Team Builder is beginning to make more sense every day now...
Yup. But I am actually glad that Teambuilder is in. Imagine the time, energy and frustration to modify rosters on the 360 or PS3?

With the Teambuilder site being available a month before the game comes out, a dedicated roster builder could put together an accurate enough roster by launch. (though it maybe difficult to add and replace 1 team at a time).
# 10 Flav @ 06/09/09 02:11 PM
EA = failure.
# 11 sportzbro @ 06/09/09 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Happyvally74
Generic Helmet
Generic Gloves
Generic Cleats

Generic Rosters
At least we'll have a larger variety (maybe)
# 12 legendkiller5 @ 06/09/09 02:14 PM
# 13 Flav @ 06/09/09 02:16 PM
No one is going to buy NCAA 11. I'd play NCAA 10 and just update the rosters on my own then play a game thats generic.
# 14 Swingking77 @ 06/09/09 02:17 PM
Could this be a ruse by EA to get more people to buy Madden to boos their numbers in order to convince the NFL that their game IS getting better based on the number of sales...

With all of the talk of lawsuits and all of the bitterness that the exclusive rights has spawnned... Making a bad NCAA game to get more people playing Madden makes sence...

Last year's NCAA really out-did itself. I'm sure the people at the NFL took note and asked why so many more people were buying/playing NCAA, then were playing Madden...

As a result, EA resolves to better Madden's numbers to get the bean counters to see higher ratings, higher sales, and more participation in what is not only supposed to be EA's best football game, but THE only NFL game on the market...

Why would a franchise want to take such a drastic step back?
# 15 sportzbro @ 06/09/09 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Flav
No one is going to buy NCAA 11. I'd play NCAA 09 and just update the rosters on my own then play a game thats generic.
# 16 Flav @ 06/09/09 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by BORN4CORN
Maybe 08?
# 17 Happyvally74 @ 06/09/09 02:21 PM
they may take our rosters, hopes and dreams. But god dammit, they will never take away our season showdown!!!!!!!!!!
# 18 hoodlum10 @ 06/09/09 02:21 PM
ok this is getting ridiculous. i was so excited for this game to come out, and then i saw the teambuilder rosters. and then i heard those were final. and with everything i read it seems more n more to me that they are final. and now this? u gotta b f****n kidding me EA?
# 19 KG @ 06/09/09 02:36 PM
The rosters have sucked EVERY year. Part laziness by EA and part due to the fact that the game gets released very early.

Now if another company picks up the license they better have Online Dynasty.
# 20 sportzbro @ 06/09/09 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by LSUtiga2121
I can see the replayability of this title lasting me for a few years.

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