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Here is the last NCAA Football 10 video Chase uploaded. Hope you enjoy the um, commentary...

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# 1 SHO @ 06/09/09 05:49 PM
Semi-OT: Why do the videos get out of order on the OS page?
# 2 SHO @ 06/09/09 05:50 PM
Greatest. Halftime. Presentation. Ever.

Madden needs to step their game up.
# 3 sportzbro @ 06/09/09 05:52 PM
i have yet to be impressed
# 4 WolverinesFinest @ 06/09/09 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by jusmegamer
Did I miss something? Why have a QB #5 and have his rating wrong? Im hearing news that the ratings are off for players on these teams that just doesn't make sense. Any college football fan knows that he is T.Taylor. I will be very disappointed to be playing with T.Taylor and his rating be wrong.
go look on teambuilder and see for yourself.

Im happy to say that NCAA is finally doing something right with their halftime shows and surprised everyone. I didn't think they could do it but we now have a graphic that says HALFTIME. Like I didn't already know or something. And funny how we get the same thing for championship game celebrations. EXCITING
# 5 WolverinesFinest @ 06/09/09 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by MacPlex
I did like how at 1:26 he TE drove the OLB inside a the guard kicked out the MLB to create a nice hole. The cpu RB kinda meesed it up though.
The story of all these vids...I think it's on varsity tho
# 6 rudyjuly2 @ 06/09/09 08:18 PM
Nice to see half time highlights.
# 7 countryboy @ 06/09/09 08:45 PM
I loved the cpu playcalling at the end of the half. Throw downfield, its incomplete, so they become conservative and run the ball, it goes nowhere, so instead of being stupid and trying to force something to happen, they are content on going into the half with a 10-0 lead.

# 8 marcoyk @ 06/09/09 09:37 PM
hahaha the only pockets i've been seeing by the computer-controlled team. hopefully another year of no user protection and only computer protection. that halftime show was breath-taking by the way. I've been reading about the NCAA updates as much as possible since march. All I can recall being improved is wind socks, field goal nets, SS (haha), teambuilder (I won't have a use for this as my team is UNC, custom conferences, pursuit angles ( I thank them for that), supposed pockets that are only apparent for the computer's team. presentation looks the same, gameplay looks the same. oh and the computer's AI looks the same (see the video where the running back sprints horizontally into traffic even though his blockers set up a hole for him). THANKS EA!!
# 9 marcoyk @ 06/09/09 09:48 PM
Let me rephrase that- THANKS TO THE NCAA FOOTBALL TEAM!!
I changed that because I greatly appreciate what EA is doing with Madden and FIFA.
# 10 AC IS ART @ 06/09/09 10:32 PM
Not to jump on anyone who likes this, but this looks the same. It appears 10' is shaping up to be 09' with a patch and new camera angle.
# 11 mjussawalla @ 06/09/09 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by AC IS ART
Not to jump on anyone who likes this, but this looks the same. It appears 10' is shaping up to be 09' with a patch and new camera angle.
If that were true, many people would not complain. It is not like they fixed key issues (i.e. AI, pocket, running logic, etc)
# 12 bamaCT12 @ 06/09/09 10:42 PM
ok i can't help myself alabama's facemask is driving me crazy it looks white!
it's completly grey
i hope they change this
# 13 mjussawalla @ 06/09/09 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by bamaCT12
ok i can't help myself alabama's facemask is driving me crazy it looks white!
it's completly grey
i hope they change this
At this stage it is all WYSIWYG.

But if it bugs you that much you can go to Teambuilder, rebuild Alabama with the right facemask colour and replace the Alabama in the game.

Maybe the numbers will show up too?
# 14 TheTodd84 @ 06/10/09 11:10 AM
This is so irritating that every year we hear the same gripes from people on these forums and every year NOTHING gets done.

At least the Madden team gets it. It's a shame the same cannot be said for the NCAA team. Maybe that comes from the top? Maybe EA just doesn't put enough money into the franchise? Whatever it is, something needs to drastically change. Maybe hire a football coach to help with development, or just do what madden did.

If you aren't going to devote 100% to NCAA like you are to Madden, EA, please, let someone else make the game.

I've heard you barely even make a huge profit off NCAA, so let someone shoulder the load and you can focus on madden and fifa.
# 15 TheTodd84 @ 06/10/09 11:12 AM
I mean, I haven't played the game yet, but if I spend $60 again just for teambuilder, I'm going to be pretty pissed. 09 was a total disaster.

But anyway, I really, really hope these are early builds and they are fixing it, but their lack of interaction on these forums is also extremely irritating and not helping us decide to buy this game. Come on OMT, let us know you are at least TRYING to fix these egregious errors.
# 16 mcarta @ 06/11/09 06:20 AM
I see the numbers on the helmets. It was also good to see the computer throw deep and I think T. Taylor's drop back looked real. New tackle animations. I am a dynasty guy so I am excited to see the changes in recruiting. Could care less about team builder. I like the real teams not the Central Man Valley State Gogetters. 2009 was a good game and 10 seems to be better. Yes I want formations subs for sts but before we all crucify the game play it first. The funny thing is that a majority of the people that are complainning are still going to buy the game. If we want changes we need to apply to work at EA and stop letting people who have never played football design the game. And still somebody would be on a forum talking #$%^. EA will never be able to please everyone. Somebody wants presentation (equipment) and atmosphere, others want refs and etc..... So where is the EA employment link.
# 17 noplace @ 06/11/09 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by KingVMSU
I swear I gotta switch my meds and get what you take. You could find the sunny side in a plate of **** by complimenting how lovely the china was.

You are a beauty. glad you like this recycled garbage. Free country, I just marvel at your positive spin on everything...

Mmmmmmm Ea popcorn...buttery.
For real. The game is the same with a few tweaks. I know like myself the College game is alot of peoples passion but to turn a blind eye to what we're seeing is kinda strange... I love the College game 10x more than pro but it want make me buy an inferior game. Not this year EA.
# 18 Cj7298419 @ 06/11/09 09:39 AM
I can't lie, I'm not that excited about NCAA 10 judging from what I've seen. This game looks just like 09'

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