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Check out the Need For Speed Shift video Chase captured at E3.

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Need for Speed Shift Videos
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# 1 jms493 @ 06/10/09 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Check out the Need For Speed Shift video Chase captured at E3.
thanks for the video.......anyone else find it annoying to have to click 3 times and through 3 pages and watch a commercial to watch a video???
# 2 jms493 @ 06/10/09 11:19 AM
Also how come no one at E3 can actually play a racing game??

I mean they have a racing line on the road for you and they still hit the wall on EVERY turn.....wth??
# 3 DubTrey1 @ 06/10/09 12:33 PM
Game still looks quite arcade -ish, IMO. Looks like this was perhaps just the case with the E3 build maybe or the level of difficulty....whatever, I think Forza and GT will still be the money franchises as far as racing sims go -
# 4 lnin0 @ 06/10/09 08:42 PM
Wow, I cannot even believe EA was calling this a 'sim' at one point. The cars handling looked a step above Ridge Racer in that video. Not that arcade is a bad thing - just don't try and sell it as something else. Hopefully it will at least feel a little better than GRID but after watching that I am not even expecting PGR sim-cadiness.

Was that car boosting as well...that is a tall tell sign a sim is no where in site. In car view I have seen looks good as do the graphics. I could do without the glaucoma anytime your car bumps something, though.

This went from a must have to a defiant wait and see. Arcade games are a dime a dozen and NFS has been on the lower end of that dozen for a while now. Blur and Split Second seem much more credible and not just because they didn't lie about their game. Saying you reinvented a series doesn't make it so, EA. tisk tisk

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