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Most of you have already read our week 1 Q&A with the Producers of Fight Night Round 4. Here is your chance to submit a question for week 2. Please be as detailed as possible with your question, it will give you better odds of it getting answered.

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# 1 JayBee74 @ 06/11/09 07:54 PM
Can you max out stats for created boxers? I wouldn't want to but I'd like the flexibility for offline.
# 2 Po Pimp @ 06/11/09 08:06 PM
-What exactly does having a best punch mean?

-In legacy mode, are you forced to retire at a certain age, or can you fight until your attributes erode and you actually WANT to retire?

-In legacy mode, if I choose Ali, will I fight against his contemporaries (Frazier and Foreman) in addition to created fighters, or is there a chance that my young Ali will have to fight a Lennox Lewis?

-I seem to land at a high clip (60-70%). Will accuracy of punches be decreased, or will evasiveness be tweaked so that punches can be dodged easier?

-There is a glitch in the game where the ref will actually count to 10 on a knockdown, but since the fighter rose to his feet at the VERY last second, the fight continues. Has this been fixed, and if not, can it be patched?

-When you create your fighter, will there be a name database? I got so sick of having my character being nicknamed "Mad Dog" and having to fight a "Mad Dog."

-Will there be a database of cities your fighter can hail from?

-Will the classic fights option be back? I thought it was a nice touch to have a Robinson/Lamotta fight in black and white while having the Ali/Frazier fight in fuzzy technicolor.
# 3 Writer's Block @ 06/11/09 08:11 PM
In boxing, there's usually a couple divisions within weight classes (i.e within middleweight, theres junior middle, middle and super middle). In Legacy mode, can fighters move up within these respective weight classes or can you only jump big weights (as in from welter to middle weight)?

When you turn off the HUD, can you still see the time and round display?
# 4 Vast @ 06/11/09 08:19 PM
Which sliders will the game ship with?? is there an accuracy or footwork speed slider?
# 5 Vast @ 06/11/09 08:20 PM
Will the game allow you to box from the outside? IN the demo it is possible but its not very easy to do due to the slow footspeed.
# 6 payday223 @ 06/11/09 08:42 PM
will we see fights go to the scorecards? will we see boxers throw in the towel? When I played the demo a few times hatton got up like five times with two talking eyes but the fight didnt last more than 6 rounds.
# 7 statum71 @ 06/11/09 08:53 PM
Yeah I wanna see decisions.
# 8 statum71 @ 06/11/09 08:54 PM
Ask them can we have title matches in play now mode. Of course I mean with the belts and everything.
# 9 Tico Da Great @ 06/11/09 10:42 PM
Are We Going To Get The Other Button Configuration Back Like Round 3
I Like the Option of using the buttons to play FNR4 and the total punch control is cool too. Will the original configuration be uploaded in a post patch?
# 10 drewbaby1414 @ 06/11/09 11:06 PM
Will we be able to go down in weight class? How many weight classes can we move up or down?

Will you gain weight if your a heavy weight? Or will your wait remain the same throughout your career?
# 11 SteelerSpartan @ 06/11/09 11:08 PM
1. Are Fighters who have fought in multiple weight classes, available at those weights(with appropriate Bodies) for Play Now/Legacy???

Like Roy Jones would have a MW, LHW, HW version

It'll really tick me off if I cant move Taylor back down to MW so I can fight Pavlik in Play Now/Legacy

and no I won't be satisfied fighting a LHW Taylor vs MW Pavlik matchup..........the ratings wouldn't be fair

2. Can you post a screen of the "Wide" Camera View, and give some more detail about it???

3. Do your CABs keep the ratings you give them when you insert them into Legacy???

It would suck if my Mayweather Jr, Hopkins, Paul Williams CABs got downgraded and fought like amateurs

4. Are we able to enter numerical Values for Arm Reach for our CABs

5. How Customizable are the stats/equipment of the Regular 48 Fighters??
# 12 Jukeman @ 06/11/09 11:16 PM
1. In legacy mode, when a fighter move up and down weight classes, does the body of the boxer change ala FNR2?

2. In legacy mode, there are 3 different organization which you can win belts from, are there also seperate rankings for each organization?

3. If I created a boxer, completed a legacy with him but then decided to import the guy into a new legacy mode, will he still have his W-L record when I face my CAB or will he be 0-0?

4. In legacy mode, are there any other televised events besides the ESPN PPV card?

5. Legacy mode starts with amatuer fights, are we fighting in a tournement or just a couple random guys like in other fight night games?

6. As the champion in legacy mode, can I take non title fights for tune up bouts?

7. Is every divisonal ranking viewable in legacy mode dispite not fighting in that specific division?

8. Are there any way to view match results for CPU fighters in legacy mode? Is there some kind of track record for all boxer?

9. How many fighters are in each division?

10. Does the CPU fighters retire, if so are they replaced with new fighters?
# 13 GhostDeini @ 06/12/09 12:33 AM
Will Floyd Mayweather Jr be patched into the game at a later date?
# 14 flickpiece @ 06/12/09 01:23 AM
# 15 marq @ 06/12/09 01:28 AM
Will judges have different personalities, i.e. some like ring generalship, others like power punching, etc. (do not want judges with identical scores EVERY fight.)
# 16 Grandmastakenny @ 06/12/09 11:31 AM
Where is the major superstars ex. floyd mayweather, oscar de la hoya, lennox lewis. ppl like that?
# 17 boritter @ 06/12/09 12:17 PM
Any chance that the ability to punch while in a clinch will be added? It seems silly that both boxers agree to a 3-second truce while in clinch mode.
# 18 Jay Cobden @ 06/12/09 03:04 PM
1) When a fighter is cut will a ringside doctor decide whether to call a halt or let him continue? I hate the idea of just fights stopping with no realism of outside intervention.
2) Regional titles please,I'd like to fight for a European title before jumping up to world championship class.
3)Can you decide which gym / country you can fight out of? ie Kronk gym Detroit.
4)You have real boxers,how about real trainers,ring announcers and refs etc.
# 19 BezO @ 06/12/09 04:23 PM
So far, I've only seen the step... step animation regarding footwork. I assume the hop step is still in as well. But I haven't seen any skipping & bouncing. Footwork is a major part of ring generalship. How do fighters like Ali perform like their real life counterparts without the necessary footwork animations?

Puching in the clinch was left out due to the lack of fun perceived by the development team. But why did the development team think clinching & not punching was worthy? Clinching & not punching is much less fun.
# 20 D_NyCe @ 06/12/09 04:57 PM
Will we be able to select our own entrance music in career/legacy mode?

Don't really have anything else to ask since everybody already asked the same questions I was gonna ask for me lol, and this isn't MAJOR but I think in Fight Night 1 you could select a song from the whole soundtrack, I'm not sure but I think you would have to buy it in store where you get your gear and stuff, but in FNR3 you was only stuck with whatever they gave you (which was mostly Fighter #1 had Akons and Fight #2 had Obie Trice songs for me), that was wack imo

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