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Check out the new NCAA Football 10 video, which features a bunch of new gameplay animations.

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# 1 Solidice @ 06/11/09 07:46 PM
# 2 moylan1234 @ 06/11/09 07:48 PM
great video i'm beyond pumped
# 3 gatorman1050 @ 06/11/09 07:51 PM
I will admit I have not played the game yet... but that video makes me feel a little bit better. It will all be determined on how the final build is tweaked. The WR/DB interactions will be a big make or break detail for this years game.
# 4 Watson @ 06/11/09 07:56 PM
over the shoulder catches FTW
# 5 SHO @ 06/11/09 07:58 PM
NCAA doesn't care about a proper pass rush.
# 6 SHO @ 06/11/09 08:03 PM
Originally Posted by MacPlex
Still awaiting too see a dominant de speed rush a OL and kill a qb.
If the dominant DE happens to get past the tackle, the QB will most likely shrug him off with the new animation and scramble for a big gain.
# 7 KLKapone11 @ 06/11/09 08:10 PM
nahh in 09 my DE's made plenty of sacks, against USERS if i might add
# 8 mmorg @ 06/11/09 08:13 PM
Man that video showed more stuff of what I hated. The DB/WR interactions were nice, but it was the same thing every time. I just hope it works as intended, then it won't bother me as much.

Regarding the sideline catches I can only tell a difference aesthetically. I can't believe that they think it's ok for an athlete to turn 180 degrees like they are Michael Jackson. It is completely baffling.
# 9 blazer003 @ 06/11/09 08:14 PM
Wow, does this not just show me that they further ruined the pass rush (I didn't even think that was possible?!?). It's obvious to me that the NCAA team decided that they want 7 and 8 year olds as their target audience because my 8 year old brother is really good at '09. Unfortunately he won't get to play '10 unless he buys it because from what I've seen, it will be Madden only this year. And it's a damn shame.
# 10 KLKapone11 @ 06/11/09 08:15 PM
The game looks solid, now if the rosters arent a COMPLETE mess
# 11 floridagatorfan @ 06/11/09 08:16 PM
Somethings that are nice, however there are some things I'm not to sure about.

I don't like how the DEs engage with the OL too quick rather than rush around they engage and then steer around to form a pocket.

Also, the sideline catches just look like momentum has no effect. I hope next year they fix the running animations and momentum because that is one of my biggest gripes with the game.
# 12 sportzbro @ 06/11/09 08:18 PM
currently playing 06, sorry.
# 13 KLKapone11 @ 06/11/09 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by WisconsinSports414
Me too. And, you know why?

Jump. The. Snap.

Without that, I guarantee you would not have very many sacks.
Um no. i stay locked onto the FS until needed otherwise.

as for other comments made, the game is going to be better than it was last year and the VID shows it, the pass rush will be enhanced also. You have to keep in mind that EA was showing from one extreme to the other on every single NEW animation. Therefore when it was showing the OL blocking, of course the DE and DT's were gonna look like they were going nowhere, they were showing the new BLOCKING ANIMATION... haters
# 14 GigemAGGIES13 @ 06/11/09 08:27 PM
A lot of these animations, combined with some tweaked AI, should go a long way.

The sideline catch animations look pretty wonky however. The animation carrying them out of bounds looks better than the guys turning super fast without any physics. Hopefully we'll get Madden's physics, momentum, and running locomotion next year.
# 15 HuskAir @ 06/11/09 08:29 PM
They've got it all wrong. In the first play shown, Roy Helu is supposed to LEAP over the Baylor defender...not run into him.
# 16 Dame @ 06/11/09 08:32 PM
i really like the video especially the comparison part
# 17 SHO @ 06/11/09 08:32 PM
I still want to see actual gameplay like a full quarter or game.
# 18 KLKapone11 @ 06/11/09 08:35 PM
yea the turning up on a dime is a bit ifffy but it beats the heck outta throwing a flare out to your back and have him try to drag his toes 5 feet from the sideline or catch it and RUN OUT OF BOUNDS 4 yards behind the line! (for that matter)
# 19 mmorg @ 06/11/09 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by KLKapone11
yea the turning up on a dime is a bit ifffy but it beats the heck outta throwing a flare out to your back and have him try to drag his toes 5 feet from the sideline or catch it and RUN OUT OF BOUNDS 4 yards behind the line! (for that matter)
Or they could keep the toe-drag animations but actually fix them. Or add player momentum. If the players moved realistically but just had one animation for every catch I would be happy, but when they add animations with no realistic improvement in player movement then I really have to start questioning the design team's decision for what type of game they are trying to create.

From what I have seen in this video my question has been answered I guess, but I will forever be hopeful that one day the NCAA development team will make a game that rivals the game play of last generation consoles.
# 20 countryboy @ 06/11/09 08:41 PM
Hey a video that showed UofL!!! I'm pumped!!!

There was more in there that I wasn't expecting..the non-catch animations being one and the ability to throw out of a sack.

Around a month left til I get my hands on this game....around a month.

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