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Check it out, right here.

"A rookie defensive back sealed the fate of the Ravens today, sending the Titans into the second round of the playoffs in Madden NFL 10.

The Tennessee Titans (9-7) took on the Baltimore Ravens (10-6) in the opening game of the AFC Wildcard game today in a crazy back and forth game filled with dazzling special teams and defensive play. QB Joe Flacco threw an interception as time wound down that rookie CB Ryan Mouton intercepted with less than 20 seconds to go in regulation to seal the Titans victory."

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# 1 mrod009 @ 06/12/09 04:06 PM
cool thanks.
# 2 CM Hooe @ 06/12/09 04:07 PM
More videos! Excellent!

Watching now.
# 3 No_Balla @ 06/12/09 04:07 PM
Thanks for the vid Ian.
# 4 MattIntellect @ 06/12/09 04:08 PM
Thanks Ian and remember that every video that you post will be dissected heavily.
# 5 Landlordos7 @ 06/12/09 04:08 PM
Ian if you ever want to have children pm me.
# 6 DGuinta1 @ 06/12/09 04:08 PM
Giddy up!
# 7 rsoxguy12 @ 06/12/09 04:10 PM
Thank you Ian. Will watch now. I love this community interaction!
# 8 KLKapone11 @ 06/12/09 04:10 PM
Thanks for the VID ian
# 9 lgxjames @ 06/12/09 04:11 PM
my goodness, I would have been happy with 1 video, its not enough time in the day to view all these, Good job man!
# 10 MattIntellect @ 06/12/09 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Landlordos7
Ian if you ever want to have children pm me.
Are you a guy?

No offense.
# 11 Graffititech @ 06/12/09 04:12 PM
HD? man this is not gonna play well on my computer
# 12 NE Rams Fan @ 06/12/09 04:13 PM
you notice johnson gets hurt but I was wondering how come there was no cart. I thought they were implementing a cart that would come out for injuries? Is it for rare occasions? thanx guys
# 13 ex carrabba fan @ 06/12/09 04:13 PM
Wow an entire game?? This is

Maybe it's just great play calling.. but in a lot of the videos from E3 and the past 2 vids.. it seems like it's always "one man to beat" both on run and pass plays. To me it's glaring I don't know if that's something that I'm just seeing but I've noticed this very often.
# 14 Checmate101 @ 06/12/09 04:14 PM
It was that serious that they needed to bring the cart out.
# 15 bcruise @ 06/12/09 04:14 PM
A full game? Well, there goes the rest of my afternoon.

Thanks Ian!
# 16 Hotlanta @ 06/12/09 04:15 PM
*Starts/Continues to watch*

Video 1:
(+) - Display of a cold game that doesn't involve rain/snow
(+) - Like ATL vs. KC video loving the crowd.

(+/-) - Ian cut blocking Ravens gunner on BAL's first punt...It did lead to seeing a new animation though. lol

(-) - Ugly turn by Ravens CB coming of the block on Johnson first TD.
(-) - After BAL touchdown pass, a highlight should of probably came up before showing the celebration. Knowing Mason was nowhere close at the time kinda killed it.

Will continue to edit. Gonna have to watch these multiple times... >_<
# 17 Von Dozier @ 06/12/09 04:15 PM
Very nice.
# 18 HokieB @ 06/12/09 04:16 PM
So it's official... no progressive lighting. Bummer. I wish I wasn't so OCD about that feature.
# 19 wrestlinggod1 @ 06/12/09 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by MattIntellect
Are you a guy?

No offense.
lol i dont think they were serious...
# 20 MattIntellect @ 06/12/09 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by wrestlinggod1
lol i dont think they were serious...
Lets hope not.

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