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Yes, we have a beta copy of NCAA Football 10. Check out the first of many videos and screenshots.

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NCAA Football 10 Videos
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# 1 tyler741 @ 06/12/09 07:44 PM
thank god.

let the bashing of the gameplay begin.
# 2 CKW11 @ 06/12/09 07:45 PM
Thanks! And its FSU
# 3 Flav @ 06/12/09 07:48 PM
The gameplay looks nice IMO. It'd be nicer if it was in HD like on youtube :P
# 4 SHO @ 06/12/09 07:50 PM
OS comes through once again!

And PLEASE capture some flexbone against a defense if you get the chance.
# 5 tyler741 @ 06/12/09 07:50 PM
1) The "D. D-FENSE!" chant sounded so corny.
2) After the penalty on the FSU return.. WR #83.. -50 yd return??...
3) I hate, hate, hate the player models.. most players don't even look like they have pads on, especially the ones without tight sleeves.
# 6 IowaAJ @ 06/12/09 07:54 PM
I really like the defense chant from the crowd instead of them just cheering.
# 7 travis a.d. @ 06/12/09 07:55 PM
the CPU threw a horrible screen pass into double coverage at the 1:00 mark. just like last year all over again.
# 8 J-Unit40 @ 06/12/09 07:57 PM
- You can see the WR/DB interaction on the last play of the video between the FSU WR and one of Miami's DBs. Pretty slick because the WR got bumped a bit and appeared to slip. I would love for the timing of routes to matter once you mix in the pass rush and various blitz packages.

- I like the new penalty interface. They actually show the player (without helmet) that was called for holding.

- Please fix this -50 yard return business after a penalty is called on a return. Not another year of this stuff.

- Hard to tell what is really going on with the player lock camera on defense. Not really good for videos I guess, but it's a nice addition for variety.

- What was that CPU screen pass or pass to the flat for a -3 yard gain? I hope the CPU AI is smarter than last year. It just has to be.

- This definitely looks better than '09 in my book.

Thanks for posting the video! OS is so clutch. I'm looking forward to more footage.
# 9 AuburnAlumni @ 06/12/09 07:58 PM
MUCH better coverage by the defense on the in route instead of getting blown by by the receiver. Much better pursuit angles.
# 10 Flav @ 06/12/09 07:58 PM
I don't see why people are saying the gameplay is that bad. To me once they get the rosters fixed this game won't be that bad.
# 11 GetYaWeigtUp @ 06/12/09 08:05 PM
I just dont see the improvements they said they made! Im not gonna complain about the pass rush through just 1.5 drives, but I thought the QBs werent as accurate in 10 as they were in 09? They seem to be johnny on the money just like 09. And that LT for FSU turned around and a looked at Ponder while he was dropping back just as in the other videos!
# 12 SHO @ 06/12/09 08:12 PM
Coverage looks better.

Pocket/pass rush still concerns me.

Too much player lock in this video.
# 13 nightcreeper @ 06/12/09 08:18 PM
# 14 noplace @ 06/12/09 09:02 PM
Dont see anything impressive at all. NCAA really let me down this year.
# 15 lostintravise @ 06/12/09 09:15 PM
NCAA just doesn't look good at all.
# 16 superjames1992 @ 06/12/09 09:28 PM
The atmosphere appears much improved. I actually sort of felt like I was at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Also, I love the return of the fight songs after field goals and touchdowns! I missed that from last-gen!

Overall, the video was quite nice!

Also, just out of curiosity, what level was this being played on?
# 17 sportzbro @ 06/12/09 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by superjames1992
The atmosphere appears much improved.

This really is the least improved sports game I've ever seen.
# 18 J-Unit40 @ 06/12/09 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by BORN4CORN

This really is the least improved sports game I've ever seen.
You really haven't played many sports games have you.
# 19 countryboy @ 06/12/09 10:19 PM
Not a fan of the player lock camera. Also, the screen pass/pass in the flat raised a red flag due to last year's cpu playcalling, but given what I saw in the VT/'Bama vids, I'm not too worried. Hopefully its just an isolated incident.

Looking forward to more vids.

Almost forgot, thanks Steve for posting.
# 20 superjames1992 @ 06/12/09 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by BORN4CORN

This really is the least improved sports game I've ever seen.
Given last year's nonexistent atmosphere, I'd say that it's much improved this year. We heard the fight songs after the touchdowns and I enjoyed the crowd getting into it, even if it was a little cheesy at times (The defense chant). I also enjoyed FSU's War Chant being featured in the game.

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