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Check them out, we've posted the uniforms from every team in NCAA Football 10. Some of them are a little out of order, as I had some issues uploading them.

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# 1 Potatoes002 @ 06/13/09 01:55 AM
Thanks dude
# 2 sportzbro @ 06/13/09 02:05 AM
*sifts through 18 pages of Oregon combos*
# 3 Potatoes002 @ 06/13/09 02:11 AM
Hopefully you guys come out with a spreadsheet or something that lists every teams ovr.... This could take a while
# 4 gofresno @ 06/13/09 02:14 AM
Thank you!!! are those ratings final? or if the rosters get fixed they'd be a little different.
# 5 sportzbro @ 06/13/09 02:15 AM
Mix & Match is my favorite thing they added for this year, hands down. I have been calling for it for years, and they FINALLY came through. Once again though, something as cool, community driven, and creative as this gets trounced by other things that were added not actually related to the game of football.
# 6 trobinson97 @ 06/13/09 02:15 AM
Props Steve.
# 7 7unholyconfessions7 @ 06/13/09 02:38 AM
gotta love michigan going 3-9 and still being given a b+ overall!
# 8 sportzbro @ 06/13/09 02:39 AM
Originally Posted by 7unholyconfessions7
gotta love michigan going 3-9 and still being given a b+ overall!
You must not be paying attention to the roster debacle news.
# 9 Rivers17ncsu @ 06/13/09 02:43 AM
yea i was going to post some ratings i dont agree with (ECU) but with the roster situation the real ratings will probably be different
# 10 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/13/09 02:47 AM
Thank you so much steve.
# 11 sportzbro @ 06/13/09 03:34 AM
Is it me, or does Iowa purposely get the shaft every year?

1. Facemask is still white..

2. Logo looks awful. The black outline isn't like that for any Hawkeye logo I have ever seen in my life. It should look like this:

3. I realize the rosters are F-ed, but our defense is a "C"? Are you joking? That will be the strength of the team this season.. and its a C.

4. This is minor, but still annoying. The black part of our prostyle socks is too short, and should look like this:

5. New field art is missing, but I already spoke with Adam about this.
# 12 boritter @ 06/13/09 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by BORN4CORN
Is it me, or does Iowa purposely get the shaft every year?
1. Facemask is still white..
Thanks Steve. I'm sure this took a while but it's neat to see.

Uni mix and match is a sweet feature.

The white facemask is ugly.
# 13 boritter @ 06/13/09 04:24 AM
How is this for weird:

BYU is ranked #17. Their ratings are C+ OVR, B Off., C Def.

FSU is ranked #20. Their rating are A- OVR, B+ Off., A Def.

Utah is ranked #24 with B-, B, B-.

I know Ben loves FSU but how can they be tons better than a team ranked ahead of them? How is BYU even ranked if they are a C+ overall?

According to the game Utah is better than arch rival BYU but BYU has a better ranking.

I know the rosters are messed up, but I don't think more accurate rosters will change BYU & Utah's overall ratings.
# 14 bpac55 @ 06/13/09 06:39 AM
IMO being able to change sock and shoe color is huge!! it always ruined it for me when a school switched shoes before the season and they were wrong in the game..always had to fake it with tape but now u can control it...big step...next is colored cleats
# 15 Millennium @ 06/13/09 07:40 AM
Army and Navy Enforcer jerseys = Win for me. LOVE IT!!!
# 16 countryboy @ 06/13/09 08:10 AM
8 uniforms for Louisville =

Also...digging the enforcer jerseys for the Army & Navy. Somewhere...Millennium is smiling.

EDIT: he's smiling one post above mine.
# 17 hawkeyes73 @ 06/13/09 09:40 AM
So is the Iowa facemask going to be black or white?
# 18 mhossa @ 06/13/09 10:33 AM
Iowa ratings is ridiculous????? our defense was the 5th best in the country last year we lose 3 guys and our DC comes out and says this is the best Iowa D yet and its a C....Indiana is a stronger team than Iowa despite being ranked pre-season and probably a big ten contender.
# 19 Bumble14 @ 06/13/09 11:19 AM
These are the worst team ratings I've ever seen in my long history of playing this series. Honestly could be a gamebreaker for me.
# 20 marcoyk @ 06/13/09 11:30 AM
These are awesome. I've been wanting to see UNC's dark blues for a while. I can't wait to play in them. I'm definitely a fan of the mix-and-match feature. I was asking for those a few months ago on the NCAA wish-list. Thanks Steve.

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