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David Littman, Producer of NHL 10, captures his E3 experience, in this video diary. Some NHL 10 footage included.

"David Littman gives us E3 from his perspective starting from his drive to the Airport."

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# 1 ChaseB @ 06/15/09 06:43 PM
Teaching all the kids at home that it is VERY safe to drive while looking into a video camera.
# 2 Ovie @ 06/15/09 07:06 PM

Playoff Atmosphere: Check!
# 3 blinkfan77 @ 06/15/09 07:10 PM
Boooooo I wanted to see footage of fighting!

Neat video diary though. Good stuff, I hope to see more.
# 4 ComaFaction @ 06/15/09 07:29 PM
player models look nice!
# 5 kt-od @ 06/15/09 10:10 PM
YES!! Playoff atmosphere!! Playoff decals on the ice , but no patches on the sweaters.
# 6 ohyeahbaby123 @ 06/15/09 10:40 PM
the vid won't work for me. What does it show?
# 7 savoie2006 @ 06/16/09 01:32 AM
First off I think alot of people are "expecting" and or "wanting" a bit much here, especially from very limited video. Judgement really needs to be reserved until we see ALOT more video and or play the game ourselves.

Based on what we have been shown and told, I agree that the game is similar to 09, but what is really so bad about that? I love the improvements I've heard of so far and I'm sure there will be plenty more that will make me even happier. Again though, until I actually play the game, I can't honestly judge it.
# 8 Lubey @ 06/16/09 01:48 AM
No matter what the intro video is, I'm going to get bored of it after about 3 watches, so it doesn't matter to me that much.
# 9 ChaseB @ 06/16/09 06:16 AM
Pssssttt, be on the watch for new NHL 10 info today.
# 10 Fiddy @ 06/16/09 06:17 AM
the pens and wings in the finals, should have said "Stanley Cup Final" on the ice..
# 11 joker75 @ 06/16/09 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by ChaseB
Pssssttt, be on the watch for new NHL 10 info today.
I HEAR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
# 12 Vikes1 @ 06/16/09 11:40 PM
I've got an off topic question to ask...

Does David spent much time here, interacting on the board? I'm very new to the NHL board, so I'm just wondering if the NHL developers are here very often?
# 13 Vikes1 @ 06/17/09 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by RealmK
Redshirt pops in from time to time. I'm pretty sure Litty visits even if he doesn't post.
Thanks for the response RealmK.

NHL is such a fun game, and I'm really enjoying it.

But I was hoping the developers were a bit more active here than just from time to time.

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