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ESPN Videogames have posted a Fight Night Round 4 diary, showcasing Jon Robinson climbing the ranks.

"To create your character, you can use Xbox Live Vision to take pictures of yourself, download a photo from EA Sports World, or select one of 87 head templates supplied by the game. As I scroll through the various fighter templates, there's something about the way head 67 has his head cocked and his nostrils flared that has mean and nasty written all over it. The perfect look for a fighter who has to deal with the likes of the heavyweight division (what, you want a fighter who smiles?).

I decide to name my fighter Jonny McSnarles thanks to the bad intentions in his face, then when it comes to nicknames, there are actually 95 to choose from in the game. I go with Jonny "Money" McSnarles (has a nice ring to it), fighting out of Brooklyn. Next decision is entrance music. I go with "You Can't Stop Me Now" featuring Inspectah Deck, a song that includes the lyrics "You can't stop us, you can't block us, rock us or mock us, knock us or top us, better sit back and watch us. No matter how hard you try you can't stop me now." And that includes you, Tyson. Can't think of any song more fitting for the beast of a fighter I hope McSnarles becomes."

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# 1 dnr0720 @ 06/17/09 06:42 PM
Not sure what setting he was playing on but it seemed like he was just ripping thru and ko'ing everyone. Hopefully it gets more difficult as the game progresses
# 2 mayweather17 @ 06/18/09 03:21 AM
you can have a nickname called money does that mean one of the fighter templates looks like mayweather jr? please answer
# 3 Vast @ 06/18/09 04:41 PM
Im gonna be playing on the second hardest difficulty. I dont want to breeze thru, unless the elite fighters really fight like elite fighters on normal difficulty..... which i doubt.
# 4 Vast @ 06/18/09 04:44 PM
Dude made his guy 6'8 !! 235 !! i hate guys taht do that. of course ur gonna breeze with a freak of nature boxer.
# 5 Kashanova @ 06/18/09 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by Vast
Dude made his guy 6'8 !! 235 !! i hate guys taht do that. of course ur gonna breeze with a freak of nature boxer.
true, im building my self as real to my self as possible.

6'4 220 lbs

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