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Here is a new NCAA Football 10 video that features some adjusted sliders. More specifically, AA, Pass Blocking 0, Break Block 100. I'm going to try and grab a user vs. AI clip before bed.

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# 1 kmp714 @ 06/17/09 10:21 PM
Uh oh ...pass rush looks to be a problem. I am not one to over analyze, but I don't see any pressure from the d-line.

Maybe we should start a patch thread now.

Oh, but this will still be a midnight pickup for me!
# 2 HokieB @ 06/17/09 10:25 PM
So how does the progressive lighting work? I don't see shadows moving across the field. Does the lighting just change quarter to quarter?
# 3 carnalnirvana @ 06/17/09 10:27 PM
YES WE NEED A THREAD about this NOW,,,,,,,,,,,
# 4 Solidice @ 06/17/09 10:29 PM
still no pressure with lopsided sliders to favor the DL?
I think I heard AuburnAlumni scream from 3 states over.

I like seeing the CPU take shots downfield though.
# 5 UATide @ 06/17/09 10:30 PM
Don't care what you say; still love this game. Just a few more hours til the Demo!!
# 6 SHO @ 06/17/09 10:31 PM
We were fed lies.
# 7 ActLikeYouCrow @ 06/17/09 10:32 PM
the sliders are obviously broken. on the play that ended with 18 seconds left, im pretty sure thats a fumble because it went backwards, but it wasnt ruled as such.
# 8 legendkiller5 @ 06/17/09 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by six
This kid is just mad because his Spartans suck balls on the game like they do in real life.
What does that untrue statement have to do with anything related to the game?
# 9 UATide @ 06/17/09 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by KingVMSU
Yeah 9-wins and back to back bowl games...we stink.

When is the last time you won a NC or a Conference title for that matter? Go cry somewhere else. We really don't need that negativity around here.
# 10 GigemAGGIES13 @ 06/17/09 10:34 PM
I'm really having trouble believing that these sliders don't work.

I was getting the crap pressured out of me with edited post-patch sliders last year. I'm going to need more convincing than just this video. Perhaps it has something to do with AI vs. AI?
# 11 mgoblue678 @ 06/17/09 10:34 PM
Wow, that is pathetic. Big thumbs up to the dev team for listening to people complain last year about the pass rush. Great job guys.
# 12 moylan1234 @ 06/17/09 10:35 PM
can't lie it doesn't look good there, but i'm interested to see it on heisman
# 13 legendkiller5 @ 06/17/09 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by ROLLTIDE1411
When is the last time you won a NC or a Conference title for that matter? Go cry somewhere else. We really don't need that negativity around here.
Yeah, because it's completely unjustified, right?

Why are people connecting negativity and criticism of this game to real life success of their favorite football team?
# 14 ActLikeYouCrow @ 06/17/09 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by KingVMSU
I'm done. Play at the 2:25 mark says it all...Bradford whistling dixie as the line picks up 7 with ZERO pressure.
on this particular play tho, it looked like 5, but yes your point still stands, i saw virtually no pressure from either front 4 and even when there was a blitz there was only pressure when someone came completely free.
# 15 rhombic21 @ 06/17/09 10:40 PM
These AI vs AI videos certainly don't look very good. I guess all that we can hope is that it's some sort of AI vs AI issue, because otherwise the pass rush looks HORRIBLE.
# 16 rhombic21 @ 06/17/09 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by six
Atleast Alabama plays in a real football conference, not a joke like the Little Ten or Eleven, whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Michigan State sucks on the game and in real life, wow 6 national titles...wow, all in the 50s and 60s...when there were 500 different polls crowning national champs, pretty pitiful.
Please kill the trash talk. Both sides. Take that crap elsewhere. Nobody else cares about it, and there are people trying to discuss a very serious game issue here.
# 17 lilcoo3 @ 06/17/09 10:41 PM
Sure hope this is not the final build. This game should be so much better, do they not see the upside of college football. Oh my bad yeah Season Showdown!!!!!!
# 18 SHO @ 06/17/09 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by Adam_Thompson_EA @ 5.13.2009
There's no doubt that it feels very similar to last year's NCAA on the field. The default gameplay camera angles are the same, animations are carried out at the same speed and the general ebb and flow on the field is the same that I remember from years gone by. That's certainly not a bad thing, but it's definitely going to feel like familiar territory to series veterans.

I can't disagree with this guy more. NCAA 10 plays nothing like 09. There is no "wide open gameplay," there is a pocket and pressure on the QB, the CPU throws deep, there are incomplete passes that aren't dropped, balls get batted down at the line (to name a few things that are very noticable), and there is a big gameplay feature that we haven't announced yet.

What the hell has happened to the gameplay a little over a MONTH later?
# 19 HokieB @ 06/17/09 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by KingVMSU
No disrespect but who cares?

We can;t even get the basics of football like OL/DL interaction and a pass rush and you are worrying about the clouds?

these guys refuse or cannot put effective sliders in their product...amazing. Maybe we should chip in and fly them to NHL 09 headquarters to see what real sliders do.
Sorry to interrupt your piss party with a legitimate question.
# 20 Dame @ 06/17/09 10:44 PM
I guess we have to blitx every play to get any type of pressure on the qb(that means not enough players to defend crossing routes in a spread type offense)

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