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Check out the new NCAA Football 10 video.

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# 1 Perfect Zero @ 06/26/09 11:37 AM
Do we all hold hands or something? When you're promoting hard hitting football, the last thing I want in my mind is having world peace and loving one another from the song.

OK video; doesn't really show anything new.
# 2 rwk2009 @ 06/26/09 11:37 AM
Videos like this just get me more excited for the game!
# 3 fcboiler87 @ 06/26/09 11:37 AM
Were they serious with that music? It certainly didn't pump me up for football.
# 4 kkman187 @ 06/26/09 11:37 AM
Not a bad video, quite good. However, this kind of video is a promo or sizzle trailer. It gets you in the game, but it is not what is needed a few weeks before release.
# 5 countryboy @ 06/26/09 11:45 AM
arggghhh...can't watch at work.
# 6 BroMontana82 @ 06/26/09 11:50 AM
not bad with the close up camera angle...not really feeling the music though and didn't see anything different than what's out there.
# 7 dlamb919 @ 06/26/09 11:50 AM
I think I just died a little inside... video was great, but couldn't take it seriously with that song
# 8 StormJH1 @ 06/26/09 12:26 PM
Yeah, kinda a generic bit of clips, and that song was terrible.

I think we pretty much know what we're getting as far as graphics and gameplay. Force feeding the camera angle will convince a lot of people that this is a massively reformed game, but really, it's the same exact thing with a few new animations and other tweaks.

Some of the other features look kinda promising, but I hope they work out of the box this year, so I don't have to wait another month to start up a dynasty.
# 9 CM Hooe @ 06/26/09 12:31 PM
Erm, interesting music choice, lol.
# 10 mkam89 @ 06/26/09 12:36 PM
I see they are trying for a "one shining moment" thing. But that song was baaad.
# 11 Soonerd2 @ 06/26/09 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by mkam89
I see they are trying for a "one shining moment" thing. But that song was baaad.
This is exactly what I was going to say. One shining moment Terrible
# 12 coogrfan @ 06/26/09 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by JC DA KING
Its get that dey got dem hokies in there
# 13 TreyIM2 @ 06/26/09 02:12 PM
My quoting has NEVER worked but....

JC DA KING @ 06/26/09 02:53 PM
Its get that dey got dem hokies in there

What language is that, bruh?

Anyway, I didn't mind the song with the vid. Usually they do the same ole either college band music or some smash mouth rock song. It's cool to mix it up to try to evoke a different emotion but this not the trailer the will use in the commercials until, MAYBE, after the game has been on the shelf for a while. It's just a switch up type deal. I see what they were trying to do. Some get it and some don't.
# 14 CoachBindel @ 06/26/09 02:37 PM
# 15 BoomerSooner11 @ 06/26/09 02:55 PM
# 16 bigsmallwood @ 06/26/09 03:07 PM
Bad choice of music...nice clips...too nice! This is football! We want super duper hard hits....some Monday Night Football theme music...."Arrrrrre You Reaaaadddy for some FOOOOTBALLLLL!!!!!" That Hank guy and his guitar!!!! We need to see someone get their snot box rocked!!!! Super catches...broken tackles...broken collarbones!!!! We need to see the various levels of the college game....yeah yeah yeah...the comradery of helping up an opponet off the turf is fine...but we wanna see him being driven into the ground with a gut wrenching hit!!!!

Excite us NCAA 10....Please Do
# 17 MikeTho22 @ 06/26/09 03:43 PM
I liked some of the things I saw in this video, I would just like to see more of it. More emotion is desperately needed to make this feel like a real college football game. Guys pounding their hands on the ground, celebrations, interactions with teammates, etc. Instead of just a single guy celebrating by himself after a big sack, have his teammate come by and hit him on the helmet or something. QB's looking dejected after throwing a pick. These kinds of things.
# 18 Happyvally74 @ 06/26/09 03:47 PM
I cried a little.

And you are all insensitive jerks
# 19 coogrfan @ 06/26/09 03:48 PM
I wasn't wild about the song either, but in fairness that vid is exactly the sort of thing you might see on College Gameday.
# 20 soxnut1018 @ 06/26/09 04:06 PM

That was beautiful!

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