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Tune in tonight.

"Tune in as Madden 10 Lead Designer Ian Cummings, Madden 10 Designer Donny Moore, and EA Sports Senior PR Manager Rob Semsey join THE MADDEN VOICE -Hosted by EAFLCommish, for a LIVE Madden 10 Q&A session TONIGHT at 9PM ET!

EVERYONE is welcome to call in during the show with comments or questions!

To listen, click on the link below:

Show call-in phone number: (347) 838-9525

See you all tonight, -spread the word!"

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# 1 Ijeswannaknow @ 06/30/09 07:59 PM
Yooooo.... OS ask the EA team if they can put the QB Sneak Play in the game as a mini-game with the animation and after have the chain gang measure for a !st down! Just like the Fight for the Fumble mini-game...that is a great realistic thing to have...get back to me! Pleeeeease!!!
# 2 Ijeswannaknow @ 06/30/09 08:48 PM
I heard it too...funny as h3ll...lol
# 3 Ian_Cummings @ 06/30/09 09:32 PM
For those that tuned in...what'd you think? I try to not sound like a blowhard.
# 4 jclentzthadon @ 06/30/09 10:00 PM
Man I'm sold and I think the whole team does as good as a job as they can answering tough questions honestly. I know there are things we both want in BUT sometimes it's you can't have it all, gotta make sacrifices.

Overall I thought it was great and I am really looking fwd to the game. The thing I think about this game is sorta like UFC. You have different players, like fighters in that game. Some are pocket QB's, some are good throwing on the run, some are better at short passes, some at medium range passes. The attributes being stretched are really going to leave a mark on this game and the way you select your teams.

Sure there are misses in the game, player lock on D and some others but overall as you said it's year one of this new cycle and overall even though there are some things I'm upset or let down that are not in overall it's fantastic. Great job and thanks for all the feedback and effort you guys have put in, looks awesome!
# 5 HokieB @ 06/30/09 10:04 PM
Didn't get a chance to tune in.

Any mention of progressive lighting? Haven't heard a confirmation one way or the other about that.

Regardless, I'm stoked for this game! I'm a big presentation guy and this looks like the iteration I've been waiting for.
# 6 parrothead @ 06/30/09 10:06 PM
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 06/30/09 10:21 PM
Ian, I missed out on most of it and by the time I got home and settled in, it was pretty much over. I'm reading the chat, now, until the time remaining clocks out and I can replay the whole deal.
# 8 nsilvano21 @ 06/30/09 11:40 PM
didnt get a chance to listen to the show but i heard that the rocket catch may still be in the game. any idea if the defense will be smart enough to react to it so someone cant march down the field by just using the rocket catch? im looking forward to making up a game scheme and not getting cheesed into not playing the game anymore like 09.
# 9 KOACHK @ 07/01/09 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by parrothead
Thanks again Steve!

Special thanks to Phil Frazier, Ian Cummings, and Donny Moore for joining us on THE MADDEN VOICE.

Archived episodes of THE MADDEN VOICE are also available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/EAFLMadden ; and on iTunes , by typing in a search for "EAFLCommish" to find them. -This episode was show #52. --Enjoy!!
# 10 43Chargers4Now @ 07/01/09 03:10 AM
Sorry, even though it was about a game I care about, I just can't listen to people talk back and forth for over an hour.
# 11 Deegeezy @ 07/01/09 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by big_larry
I listened for like a half an hour, seems they were talking about the same features that we already new about. anyways i think this game is going to be great!
Unfortunately, I don't know if we're going to learn much more detailed info that is already out there.

Most of the press releases and radio shows, etc. are going to be geared toward Joe Causal Gamer and will be pretty basic stuff that us hardcore, message board community types already know.
# 12 thudias @ 07/01/09 12:12 PM
Just listened to the archive...I wish they would have asked more questions...they let some callers linger to long.
# 13 Finsfan46 @ 07/01/09 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA
For those that tuned in...what'd you think? I try to not sound like a blowhard.
Finally got to hear it this morning. Nothing big on the news front, unless you had been out of touch with the info this summer.

But what I did like, you guys really seem genuine to me, not a bunch of stuffed shirts if you will, and thats important.
Phil seems really funny to me, Ian trys to be too cool sometimes...I think he needs to let go a little, and Donny seems a little refined too, but it all sounded real to me, and I applaud you all for being that !
# 14 steelernation28 @ 07/01/09 03:25 PM
# 15 KOACHK @ 07/01/09 08:58 PM
Thanks for listening everyone!
# 16 KOACHK @ 07/01/09 09:00 PM

The archive of THE MADDEN VOICE (#52) -Hosted by EAFLCommish, is now available.

Special thanks again to EA Sports Madden 10 Lead Producer Phil Frazier, Madden 10 Lead Designer Ian Cummings, and Madden 10 Designer Donny Moore for coming on this episode!

Check it out now!!

Special thanks also go out to Madden Nation/EMB/TML's Kornstar, TML's Gambino, MaddenPlayersUnited's A1, BB&G's Therman, L.A.B./EAFL's BizzNezzFirst, and ZFarls for joining us this episode too!

As announced on this episode, congratulations go out to the new co-host of THE MADDEN VOICE, Kornstar !

You can also get TMV on iTunes. To find it, just type in a search for "EAFLCommish". -This episode was show #52. --Enjoy!!

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# 17 SeventhWard @ 07/02/09 03:18 AM
I enjoyed the show. Phil, Donny and Ian had great energy and let us see some personality - which is a plus. Drinking with those dudes would be wild. It was my first time tuning in to the Commish's show and I dug it.

On a technical note however - this is OS where we can be real - that sound quality was atrociously janky.

The Commish seriously needs some help with his sound - and maybe a refresher on the finer points of the microphone, mixer and headphones combo. Can you set some consistent sound levels, please? Were you even talking into your microphone? Are you monitoring (listening to the broadcast on the way out) the show, or just letting it fly hoping we can hear you?

Dude's a great host, but when the loudest thing in your show is your applause sound effects and Phil's kid - and the guests are louder than the hosts....need I say more? Instead of a co-host homie you need an engineer!

I don't know what kind of technical hurdles the Commish has to overcome to produce his show - but dammit man - do something about it.
It's a good show that's really hard to listen to.


# 18 KOACHK @ 07/02/09 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by SeventhWard
It's a good show that's really hard to listen to.


SeventhWard, check your PMs; -Thanks.

Next Show: Tuesday, July 7th @ 9PM ET
To listen, click on the link below:

Show call-in phone number: (347) 838-9525
AIM: EAFLCommissioner
: http://twitter.com/TheMaddenVoice
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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