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Kotaku has the scoop. What do you think can be done to make this series even better?

"Sounds like EA are already hard at work on Skate 3. Not the most shocking thing you'll read today, since it is an EA title, but still, it's a great series, so news of more games is always welcome."

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# 1 MMChrisS @ 07/06/09 10:44 AM
There is always room to go up with Skate. If EA wants to go X-Games with the title, I could see more realistic competitions and such being included. But at the same time, that's really not what Skate has been about...other than new environments..who knows?
# 2 Blzer @ 07/06/09 11:18 AM
I just hope they take some steps back from Skate 2, which started to take that unrealistic turn. Even the environments became more "futuristic" and such, and in some ways it didn't work out too well (rails you couldn't grind and such).

Hopefully they just make an entirely new city this time, and work on some of the off-board movement.
# 3 Shinyhubcaps @ 07/06/09 10:26 PM
Good news indeed. I have quite a bit to say on the matter, seeing as I've spent about 80 hours on Skate 2 and over twice as much on the original Skate.

I'll keep it relatively brief here, though.

First, they need a new city. "San Vanelona" is tired, as most of the spots you see in Skate 2 make me say "That's just like the old San Van" or "That was OK, but whatever happened to _____." They need a new name, new layout, and probably the same types of spots, but completely keep San Vanelona references out of the game because it's just weighing down their creativity. It's like painting over a picture with defined boundaries as opposed to painting on a new canvas.

Second, there can be more tricks. I posted this in a blog previously, but there are some tricks, like extending footplants to walls, that could be implemented without altering the control scheme. They aren't going to "double your bag" again this year, but at least add a few solid tricks and variations.

Third, the create-a-skater feature is garbage. OK, I like being able to select as much clothing and accessories as they have, but what's missing? For one, no matter what you do, the faces will always look the same, and I can't come close to replicating my own face. Tattoos are awful, as are most accessories. Also, in the original Skate, you could get one of three different sets of on-board (riding, pushing, and doing some tricks) animations by selecting your style (loose, normal, and hardcore, I believe). This is absent in Skate 2, and all styles are identical. You also can only create one skater per PlayStation Profile, whereas the original Skate allowed you to create many.

Anyway, great news about a third game being in the works. I really look forward to seeing the intro video, assuming it is in the same style as the last two. LOVE that. I'd like to see them pack up and leave San Vanelona and have all of the skaters be passengers and crew on the plane and in the airport.

New city, more tricks, better edit skater mode, and a new opening video. Hopefully some more skate videos in-game, as well. Many possibilities, and they'd have to screw this up quite badly to not be a first-day buy for me.
# 4 Whitesox @ 07/07/09 05:37 PM
Very exciting news!

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