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Check out the new Madden NFL 10 blog, which features playbooks and CPU playcalling improvements.

"Over the years we have continued to add more and more team-specific plays, formations, audibles, and the like, but one of the biggest things that we hadn't nailed was that the CPU teams didn’t play the same way that they do in real life. For example, when you were playing against the Vikings they wouldn’t utilize RB Adrian Peterson enough and would quickly abandon the run for the pass. Knowing that well over half of our audience plays offline games exclusively (mostly in Franchise mode), this year we made it a point to concentrate on getting teams to call plays that focus on their best players (while still differentiating team playbooks with unique team specific formations and plays). For some teams like the Vikings and the Falcons, that may be through the running game, while others like the Patriots and Saints, you obviously expect them to air it out a lot more.

To accomplish this, we used our Play Designer tool to totally re-vamp the "AI Groups" to change the way the CPU calls their plays. An "AI Group" is basically the same exact concept of a bucket of plays a team takes into the game geared around game situations. These situations include all the normal football situations like 1st and 10, 2nd Short/Medium/Long, 3rd and Short/Medium/Long, 4th and Short/Medium/Long, Goal Line, and many others. The AI Groups also cover all the “Special” situations like Special Teams plays, QB Kneel Downs, Conserve time (No-Huddle plays), Waste Time (when CPU is ahead and tries to run the clock out), and Hail Mary calls. In previous years, you'd see a much more generic smattering of plays in an AI Group - many of them would be balanced right down the middle between run and pass across all plays. The Head Coach 09 team did some great work and added some deeper support to tag exact plays and the percentages they should be run per situation. We zeroed out all of our previous situational numbers and started from scratch - making sure the CPU picked from a more team-specific subset of plays (no reason to have all those generic HB Dive plays in there if teams don't run them often)."

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Member Comments
# 1 Warren_Peace @ 07/06/09 03:22 PM
# 2 rsoxguy12 @ 07/06/09 03:22 PM
Thanks. I didn't expect this...
# 3 Smoke316 @ 07/06/09 03:23 PM
Neither did i bro
# 4 mrprice33 @ 07/06/09 03:27 PM
if it all works like they say it does, that's going to be amazing.
# 5 PantherBeast_OS @ 07/06/09 03:27 PM
Yea I read this 5 mins ago. I am excited that they finally focus on teams playing calling and play books the way they do it in the nfl. I can't wait to give people a does of D willaims and Stewart.
# 6 Smoke316 @ 07/06/09 03:30 PM
Kudos to Ian and crew for giving us a very detailed blog today
# 7 thudias @ 07/06/09 03:31 PM
I am getting so amped for this game....I hope NCAA can feed the beast until it comes out.
# 8 Netherscourge @ 07/06/09 03:35 PM
Finally - some hybrid defensive formations.

I hate seeing the same boring base defensive formations all the time.
# 9 ezio @ 07/06/09 03:35 PM
I agree. that was a great read and will be awesome if it works the way they intend.
# 10 kehlis @ 07/06/09 03:38 PM
Great Info!

I will ask the masses a question:

How do you think playbooks and tendencies will be handles with teams with new coaches such as McDaniels in Denver?

Will it be an assumption based on what the team has? Or will it be tendencies based on his previous gig?

I am glad they mentioned the Patriots who tend to pass quite a bit.

Logic would say that since McDaniels was their coordinator last year, his offense and tendencies would carry over to the Broncos. However, with the drafting of Moreno, it is highly speculated the Broncos will try and pass off of the run.

What do you guys think? (I'm not sure what I think which is why I am asking)
# 11 RGiles36 @ 07/06/09 03:43 PM
Definitely the best blog in quite a few weeks...

Now give me something on progressive fatigue!
# 12 bcruise @ 07/06/09 03:45 PM
The part about the adaptive AI changing up the CPU's gameplan (in the event of injury, departure, whatever) caught my eye. Good stuff.
# 13 jfsolo @ 07/06/09 03:45 PM
This was an unexpected treat. If the Adaptive A.I. aspect(where teams adjust their playcalling percentages based on changes in personnel) really works, then this will be, IMO, on the very short list of best Madden improvements ever.
# 14 Sven Draconian @ 07/06/09 03:46 PM
Very excited about this. AI play has plagued EA football for years and part of the reason the game feels so stale. We've seen the same AI offense and defense for years.We know how to beat them, we know what they are going to do.
# 15 stmark @ 07/06/09 03:47 PM
i hope those percentages he mentioned are not set in stone because then u can basically set you defense to stop the plays if you know what is coming based on percentages down and distance. i hope there will be alo variety
# 16 thesteamontheboat @ 07/06/09 03:47 PM
Man this dev team is scary its like they think of everything and they really push it to the max. I cant wait to see the new features for madden 11 I know that is thinking way ahead but these guys have me real excited I cannot wait till August 14th shoot i cant wait till the demo.

I can seriously look over the tron jogging cause I truly believe with this dev team it will definately be fixed for madden 11 and will be better than we can imagine.

Thanks Redeem team (Madden Dev Team).
# 17 Finsfan46 @ 07/06/09 03:53 PM
That was a nice read, unexpected, and full of info ..Thanx !
# 18 PGaither84 @ 07/06/09 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by salbowski
That's awesome.

What the hell is Chilly gonna do now that the whole world knows that he runs on 1st down.

Lets just pray nobody realises that he throws a screen pass to Chester on 3rd downs... Oooops

Well there's always 2nd down i guess.
I tend to run on first downs a lot myself. I prefer to run on second down as well to try and set up a 3rd and short. Then on 3rd and short I will find myself running the ball because I don't have to go very far and the run apparently seems to be working. On 3rd and long it's nice to trick the other guy by comming out in a 3 or 4 wide and calling a counter or a draw. Then again sometimes I like to call passes too.

I guess it is easy to game play agaisnt me. I either run or call a pass. It's pretty easy to call D when you know they are only going to do one of two things. []
# 19 Warren_Peace @ 07/06/09 03:55 PM
Damn!!! Now that was a Hail Mary!.....On 1st. down!! Lol! Now we have something else to talk about...instead of Tron Jogging!!! Lol!
# 20 Bgamer90 @ 07/06/09 03:55 PM
This is really sweet. Shows you how much detail has been put into the game in various areas.

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