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# 1 CarryTheWeight @ 07/06/09 08:46 PM
It does not surprise me to see Cena front and center...again. Now that the box has debuted, where's the concrete information about features? I still need to find out if this game truly has the "never before experienced player freedom" they talk about...

EDIT: Oops. Press release states that more info is set to debut around the time of Summerslam.
# 2 hdaniel1 @ 07/06/09 08:53 PM
IGN has posted the cover art of WWE SVR 2010.

"Although there are no new details to report on the gameplay, the cover art for WWE SVR 2010 was released today. Packing Edge, the Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio, 2010's box looks rather intimidating and has a whole bunch of fans to boot."
# 3 jbate15 @ 07/08/09 02:28 AM
Originally Posted by Piderman
good to see orton there, wow i guess this is a really serious year, i mean look at how pissed they look
Yeah it is. This is Orton's first cover if I'm not mistaken.
# 4 Instant C1a55ic @ 07/08/09 05:53 PM
i am so SICK and TIRED of John Cena. They really need to stop forcing him on everyone.
# 5 jbate15 @ 07/10/09 05:26 AM
Cena has been on the cover 4 out of the past 5 covers. I'm tired of seeing his face every time I get ready to play.
# 6 Sherman91587 @ 07/29/09 03:42 PM
Someone get the TNA license and make a great game so that the WWE does not put out the same tired engine over and over.
# 7 Sherman91587 @ 07/29/09 03:44 PM
And can someone please come up with a new name for the series. I am so tired of Smackdown vs Raw featuring ECW its just annoying.
# 8 PantherBeast_OS @ 08/05/09 06:36 AM
The info will start coming out at summer slam on the 23rd of this month are the day after summer slam. Since they are getting a real late start in giving out info. They will be throwing it out left and right because the game comes out in November.
# 9 Bolts_26 @ 08/12/09 11:31 AM
When is the game scheduled to be released?
# 10 Altimus @ 08/12/09 12:04 PM
Cena's arm band pops out too much.
# 11 BSanders @ 08/12/09 12:06 PM
No HHH on the cover that means he is going to be rated high.
# 12 DTX3 @ 08/12/09 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Altimus
Cena's arm band pops out too much.
I never understood it. I mean I know what it's supposed to say, but it really doesn't make sense. CeNation or CenaTION. Just weird. It should be CenaNation instead of CenaTion, no? either way it's a pretty gay name imo.

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