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IGN has posted their Maloor Money Cup DLC hands-on preview of Skate 2.

"The Maloof Money Cup DLC isn't for a person new to Skate 2; it's for those who're still playing after all these months. If you just haven't gotten enough of Skate 2, then for just three bucks you get yourself a nice little bonus skate park."

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# 1 Whitesox @ 07/09/09 01:22 AM
I'm still playing skate 2, and for 3 bucks, this looks like a buy for me.
# 2 Shinyhubcaps @ 07/11/09 09:09 PM
I'm sold on it. Woo-hoo! My first foray into paying for downloadable content!
# 3 Whitesox @ 07/11/09 09:43 PM
Shiny if you wanna play together, hit me up on PSN. My name is silver_shadow14
# 4 ChaseB @ 07/12/09 01:24 AM
I bought this but haven't played it yet. Anyone messed around with it yet?
# 5 Whitesox @ 07/12/09 12:54 PM
It's out? I will check it out after the MLB future stars game.

I bought it, downloading 60% as I type, It is a quick dl.

Game is on rain delay :

EDIT: It is really cool. Well worth the three dollars. There is this ledge that hangs over a gap, would probably make a really cool video shot if you have the filmer pack. (I don't, just saying)

Haven't tried the competitions yet, still working on getting some lines down.
# 6 LionsFanNJ @ 07/12/09 02:22 PM
I'd get it, but i'm having too much fun with the throwback pack and the city itself just freeskating around. I was never big on comps in this or the first game
# 7 Whitesox @ 07/12/09 02:24 PM
But you can freeskate the park too, it's not just a comp. Just finished vert, really easy.
# 8 Shinyhubcaps @ 07/12/09 10:27 PM
The area is kind of small. Bigger than the GVR Stadium, but not as big as X-Games Stadium from the first game. The vert area is really nice, because all though it's just an undersized mega-ramp and a halfpipe, it shoots right into the halfpipe so you can get a good trick off right away without all of that back-and-forth pumping. (I hate pumping.)

This is my first time paying for DLC, and apparently, PSN has a minimum of $5 added to the wallet per transaction (if you have no cash balance to begin). So I ended up buying the San Van Classics pack as well, just so I didn't have spare money sitting in the network. Now that is a good download. Has a lot of challenges and a lot of space for skating.

The Maloof contests are quite easy, but I guess they're still fun.

Whitesox, I'll try to add you on PSN later.
# 9 Pappy Knuckles @ 07/28/09 09:02 AM
I didn't bother to get the Maloof pack but I did scoop up the San Van Classics pack. Looking forward to checking it out.

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