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Back Nine Blog has posted a Q&A with Mike DeVault, lead designer of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Back Nine Blog: "Can you go into more detail with the upcoming addition of a season mode to the Live Tournaments? Is there any estimated time frame for this to be implemented?"

Mike: "Live Seasons are going to be great. The current plan is to have unique seasons available for people to play in. The season courses will shadow those of the PGA TOUR in the same fashion as Play the Pros does. There won’t be any pros to contend with in these season tournaments, so it will be gamer vs. gamer. At the end of each season (4 weeks or so) a champion will be crowned and we will reset the leaderboards and start a new season. We are planning to launch these very soon, so stay tuned to EA SPORTS Live Tournaments for the official announcement!"

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# 1 JBHuskers @ 07/13/09 10:40 PM
Thanks for posting that Steve! Was getting ready to do so after I just got home here
# 2 DivotMaker @ 07/15/09 03:54 AM
Originally Posted by dave374
A good article, but I wish he asked him about user-created tourneys.

It's the biggest omission from an otherwise great game.
While I somewhat agree with you as it would be nice to have user-created tournaments, I am not missing this at all with all of the Live Tournaments that are available this year. Last year I would have screamed for user-created tournaments, but this year I have more tournaments available than I can possibly play.

Great suggestion for TW 11 though....
# 3 DivotMaker @ 07/18/09 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by dave374
Tournaments vs. guys shooting -90 are not my kind of tourneys.
The play vs. the pro tourneys are ok, but I don't like playing on custom courses, I want the same course for four rounds.
I don't play Live Tournaments to win because I know it is next to impossible. I play to play as well as I can and see how I match up. Hopefully some of the server side tweaks coming up will minimize some of the ridiculous scores which I agree with you on.

It is better than playing no tournament that week which was the case in the past. They aren't going to have every course in the PGA TOUR, so to me this is better than nothing.

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