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Sorry guys for the craziness.

Yes guys, we know what Deron Williams looks like. This is a pic with him biting his upper lip (facial expressions )


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# 1 Kevin26385 @ 07/16/09 06:28 PM
They look great, and that was crazy lol
# 2 zfinley @ 07/16/09 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by stephensonmc
Sorry guys for the craziness


The others ones were nice too.
# 3 Greene_Flash03 @ 07/16/09 06:30 PM
Me likey!!!!!!!! Gameplay vids next please!
# 4 P21J @ 07/16/09 06:32 PM
yea the others werent that bad tho....
I liked them actually...after I took a closer look and noticed the fine details(EDIT: just noticed Pietrus' (thinner)leg sleeve, NICE!!!)
# 5 Manbearpig @ 07/16/09 06:35 PM
the player models look okay, not that great though in my opinion. D Williams looks like a troll
# 6 xKrNMBoYx @ 07/16/09 06:35 PM
I uploaded them seperatly if some people would prefer just looking at it in the forums.

So far I'm seeing progress, that shows improvement to me, from live 08 where I last played Live. Maybe 2010 will be the year I buy live only, instead of both, or 2k only.
# 7 NINJAK2 @ 07/16/09 06:37 PM
looking good EA. especially like the deron shot.
# 8 stephensonmc @ 07/16/09 06:43 PM
BTW guys - DWill had the facial hair he's wearing in the screen during the Playoffs.

And -- he's biting his upper lip in the screen. We have a number of facial expressions this year.
# 9 KChow21 @ 07/16/09 06:45 PM
Great stuff.. seeing that screenshots are getting posted it will be a matter of time till we hear about gameplay
# 10 Kevin26385 @ 07/16/09 06:47 PM
Just a DNA shot on the feature page
# 11 stephensonmc @ 07/16/09 06:48 PM
HAHA yep. Those aren't the overall ratings you'll see in the final version btw
# 12 SageInfinite @ 07/16/09 06:49 PM
Screens look nice. Bench looks alot better too. I wonder if the coaches sit down this year? DOF looks nice also. Props so far EA, props. Damn even the ball looks alot better.
# 13 23 @ 07/16/09 06:52 PM
I wonder why noone can ever get the bench to pay attention to the ball... can you implement ball tracking for bench players and coaches instead of them looking at the opposite court when the players are right in front of them playing ball?
# 14 Meechie1013 @ 07/16/09 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by stephensonmc
BTW guys - DWill had the facial hair he's wearing in the screen during the Playoffs.

And -- he's biting his upper lip in the screen. We have a number of facial expressions this year.
Man man man i dont know wat to say... These are looking Raw Asss Hell lol. Im lovin this. Y did u take off the rockets vs psuns pic???? Other then that love how u have dat new thing in the game showing that Howards jump shooting is 1% lol. Good work so far EA. Cant wait to see the face expressions. THNKS STEPH.
# 15 youngfaze01 @ 07/16/09 06:54 PM
Screen Shots are sooooooooo sick !!!!!!! I love it !!
# 16 thmst30 @ 07/16/09 06:58 PM
WOW WOW WOW, Ron Artest still has his red Rockets shoes on. Epic fail EA.

# 17 krazyboy225 @ 07/16/09 07:00 PM
finnaally, these look great
# 18 P21J @ 07/16/09 07:04 PM
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I guess Simballer is taking notes lol
# 19 Soda @ 07/16/09 07:06 PM
looks good, i can't wait to see the game in motion.
# 20 ai2k2 @ 07/16/09 07:09 PM
Me either. Ready for video's... Not even concered with the compition I'm that stoked. Aye can we get pics of DWYANE WADE!!!!!! Stephensonmc... PUHHHLEASEE!!! lol

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