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Andrew, over at NLSC, will be running a series of NBA Live 10 articles he terms, "10 for '10". Make sure you check it out.

"Having more or less recovered from a Fallout 3 addiction (for which I completely blame Bethesda Softworks) and with NBA Live '10 news and previews right around the corner, I've picked up my NBA Live 09 Dynasty game once again. As I continue to play my way through the season, I'm reminded of all the things I really liked about NBA Live 09 on the Xbox 360 but also a lot of things I'd like to see improved in NBA Live '10. I'll be talking about those much desired improvements beginning today in a feature I'm calling 10 for '10, comprising of the ten things I feel need to be done for NBA Live '10 (and am hoping to see) in different areas of the game ranging from gameplay to Dynasty Mode to online features and more.

First up: Gameplay."

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# 1 23 @ 07/20/09 10:51 PM
Thanks Steve
# 2 BiggD @ 07/20/09 10:55 PM
got a little excited there..lol

oh well,still a good read
# 3 youngfaze01 @ 07/20/09 10:55 PM
Great info. I'm sure EA fixed most of those problems.
# 4 youngfaze01 @ 07/20/09 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by BiggD
got a little excited there..lol

oh well,still a good read
LOL For real. I just read the word gameplay.
# 5 AndrewNLSC @ 07/21/09 09:07 AM
Thanks for the link, Steve! Thanks for the comments too guys, glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the misleading title!
# 6 ChuckyFE @ 07/22/09 07:49 AM
I hope we don't see every close basket shot looking like a rainbow attempt.
# 7 Y2JDT89 @ 07/22/09 08:16 AM
Did anyone else notice that when on auto-sub the CPU will leave in guys with 2 fouls in the first quarter, 3 fouls in the first half, etc?

That's something that really bugs me.
# 8 gluck24 @ 07/22/09 09:09 AM
well if u think bout it all these problem nba live 09 has were all fixed in the 2k series since Nba 2k8... im sorry to all the live fans but come on how great is that game really gonna be compared to nba 2k10 this year.. but we'll see...

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