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NLSC will be running a series of NBA Live 10 articles they term, "10 for '10". This one covers dynasty mode.

"Welcome to the second instalment of 10 for '10, a series of articles outlining what I feel are the ten things we most need to see in NBA Live '10 in different areas of the game. In the first instalment, I covered gameplay with the ten items I feel would greatly improve the game this year. Today we're moving on to a new list of ten, this time focusing on Dynasty Mode.

Ah, Dynasty Mode. For most players who prefer or at least spend a considerable amount of time playing offline, Dynasty is the premier gaming mode. A revamp in NBA Live 08 has breathed new life into Dynasty Mode and NBA Live 09 also added a few new features. However, there is still room for improvement and more features that could be added. With introductions out of the way, let's take a look at the ten things I feel NBA Live '10 should do with Dynasty Mode. Once again, I must emphasise that these are not in any particular order."

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# 1 stopper654 @ 07/23/09 12:49 AM
Thanks Steve
# 2 zfinley @ 07/23/09 01:13 AM
Once again I'm hoping for the ability to adjust minutes. I hate for my players to complain about things I cant control. They always say I'm not getting anywhere near the amount of minutes i should be getting. But what is the use of telling me for? I cant do anything about it. Also I wonder why people like Josh Smith, D.Howard, Gerald Wallace average like 17-19PPG in real life but in dynasty they avg like 6-9 PPG the dynasty needs some serious fixes.

Oh yeah EA why not tell me if this feature will be in the game? We both know 2k will have it so it's not like they will be stealing any new features.
# 3 jbone2010s @ 07/23/09 03:05 AM
add like 2k had a 24/7 type mode where u make a guys play v.s up n comming stars to help your player with his skills this mode will get your guy ready for the draft and the nba live by itself then your name is put into the draft and depending and how good your guy become though out the mode a team will pick you to fill some of their needs on their team along with a deeper offseason like staff help you deside who to pick in the darft to only make your team better down the road make this year count make it feel like the person playing the game is really involed and every chooie you make matters better graphics and gameplay t fouls problem players really are a problem to their team and what the team is trying to do to better itself players ask for trades if not happy with deal fan feedbacks and radio newpapers to get your fans involed with eatch and every season you control tricket prices players show emotion in games basketball camps young players can join to gain playing time and respect with their team
# 4 mikenoob @ 09/18/09 05:28 AM
These articles came out a while back... Click the blue NBA LIVE 10 thing in Steve's post.
# 5 b-ballfan @ 09/18/09 01:35 PM
live need to stop recycling stuff from the PS2 and xbox days...

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