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Iím sorry Dave, I canít do that Ė HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey

HALís classic line was what ran through my head last year when Dynamic DNA was unveiled at E3 í08. But itís not because I thought Dynamic DNA would become a self-aware AI that one day turned on me, though, what a twist that would be. Instead it was because the idea of a learning/changing/evolving AI system was a real hard thing for me to grasp as a sports gamer. I donít think I was the only gamer who was overwhelmed either.

It also seemed like Dynamic DNA was a hard thing for the Live developers to wield last year. Taking all that real-world data and cramming it into a game on a daily basis so the experience was always different was a huge undertaking, and it showed in NBA Live 09 as the system was only sort of ďDynamic.Ē

-Preview written by Chase Becotte

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Member Comments
# 1 Pared @ 07/24/09 08:41 AM
Aaron Brooks looks great!
# 2 Mintsa @ 07/24/09 08:48 AM
"and you will hear the Toronto crowd booing the crap out of Vince Carter every time he touches the ball in Toronto."

GOOD TIMES !!!!!!!!!

That brought a little tear to my eye.....
# 3 RayDog253 @ 07/24/09 08:53 AM
Good read...
# 4 marcoyk @ 07/24/09 09:11 AM
That sounds nice. If gameplay is good, I feel like this game might pass 2k.
# 5 ©roke @ 07/24/09 09:30 AM
Thanks Chase. Good read.

I like the crowd booing specific players
# 6 Da_Czar @ 07/24/09 09:32 AM
Great writeup !!!
# 7 Meechie1013 @ 07/24/09 09:41 AM
its good. like what im hearin about the specific chants and boo's. Certain organ sounds will be in each stadium as real life; and did anyone catch what they said about announcers??
# 8 Pared @ 07/24/09 09:43 AM
Love this pic:

Player builds look very good there.
# 9 grush5 @ 07/24/09 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by Pared
Love this pic:

Player builds look very good there.
Personally i think the players are too shiny n plastic looking but aside from that good pic
# 10 ai2k2 @ 07/24/09 09:50 AM
# 11 youngfaze01 @ 07/24/09 10:02 AM
Very interesting piece of information.
# 12 P21J @ 07/24/09 10:14 AM
Nice article. Hope that today's blog focus a little on the graphics
# 13 ai2k2 @ 07/24/09 10:20 AM
It should. Ryan Santos the lead art director is writting it up.
# 14 swiftychampleone @ 07/24/09 10:51 AM
So that means we have to hear that Greco Roman like music in Utah when the Jazz are on defense?
# 15 23 @ 07/24/09 10:54 AM
Dynamic commentary? Now that's a way to keep the commentary fresh isnt it?

Its all repetetive after some point but I always wonder how they do things like this.. Is Marv and Steve signed on for the entire year
# 16 grush5 @ 07/24/09 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by pbz06
You get the idea, but here are a couple of pics. There's some guys that really drip sweat and look wet, but I'll just post popular players

OK in these photos the players are shiny in certain places and their whole bodies are not shiny like in live 10 Ex kobes legs in the last pic... 2k does a good job of keep the skin tones n colors very realistic
# 17 23 @ 07/24/09 11:04 AM
God posting giant pictures in this thread is irritating for some reason. Good lord lets stay on NBA Live the trailer and the preview
# 18 bateman11 @ 07/24/09 11:06 AM

not a lot of info in there. but better then nothing. pumped for the blog today
# 19 grush5 @ 07/24/09 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by 23
God posting giant pictures in this thread is irritating for some reason. Good lord lets stay on NBA Live the trailer and the preview
if u look at what i wrote ull notice that im talking about nba live
# 20 Putinwork @ 07/24/09 11:17 AM
What about game play is it going to be a constant fast break like last years game?

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