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IGN has posted their season sim of the NFL's upcoming season, including videos of all the playoff matchups. Check out the Madden NFL 10 season preview, right here.

"The NFL's regular season doesn't kick off until September 10, but that's not stopping us from getting an early jump on things with a preview build of Madden NFL 10. We've given you a week's worth of coverage thus far. We've talked about changes to offline franchise mode, discussed the new online co-op feature, revealed new Madden Moments, and revealed Elite Status and Online Franchise as well. Not only that, but we've provided direct-feed clips every step of the way. But now it's time to dive into the real thing.

We've simulated the regular season on the previous two pages, but now it's playoff time. Winner stays; loser goes home. We've captured lengthy direct-feed gameplay footage of the final minutes of games in each round. Who's going to come out on top? Watch the clips to find out."

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Madden NFL 10 Videos
Member Comments
# 1 Jamin23 @ 07/24/09 08:35 PM
# 2 sportzbro @ 07/24/09 08:41 PM
awesome stuff, thanks
# 3 Gossennator @ 07/24/09 08:47 PM
Thanks for the link..
cant wait to get this game.
# 4 Deegeezy @ 07/24/09 08:50 PM
Disappointed in the end of the Super Bowl from a gameplay standpoint. Clearly Robert Meachem should have went out of bounds in the closing seconds instead of turning up field to fight for more yards with the clock winding and out of timeouts.
# 5 Spanky @ 07/24/09 08:54 PM
I can't get enough of these videos. Keep 'em coming, IGN. Game just looks better and better. Here's hoping there's no game-killing bugs.
# 6 bigD_916 @ 07/24/09 08:56 PM
Did you see Wilfork dancing at the end of the Superbowl?? Hahaha!!
# 7 TheWatcher @ 07/24/09 08:58 PM
I'm not liking the fact that Peyton is not wearing sleeves. If it's cold enough for a handwarmer it's certainly cold enough for sleeves, lol. I have to conclude that the way the game chooses to put sleeves on guys is still not operating properly.
# 8 DGuinta1 @ 07/24/09 09:01 PM
I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, Tom H. is soooooooooo bad!
# 9 leo2k2ndc @ 07/24/09 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by Deegeezy
Disappointed in the end of the Super Bowl from a gameplay standpoint. Clearly Robert Meachem should have went out of bounds in the closing seconds instead of turning up field to fight for more yards with the clock winding and out of timeouts.
I thought the same exact thing, the last play also, You send everyone deep and hope for a miracle, not a mid range deep play with three defenders around to make the tackle ...
# 10 thesteamontheboat @ 07/24/09 09:18 PM
Did you guys notice that the captains didnt have the super bowl patch on their jerseys?
# 11 Spanky @ 07/24/09 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by DGuinta1
I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, Tom H. is soooooooooo bad!
Couldn't agree more. He's just brutal. If your heart isn't in it, Tommy, don't just go through the motions to collect a check. Have some pride in your work, man.

EA, may I suggest for 2011 hiring the guy from NFL 2k5 (forgot his name). I bet Mike Tirrico would be good, too. He doesn't do football, but Gary Thorne is really good in NHL series and in MLB 2k9.

But steer clear of Al Michaels. He was worse than Hammond -- and Michaels has a snobbish attitude about him as well.
# 12 Eagles931 @ 07/24/09 09:35 PM
great videos. can't wait for this game.
# 13 bonannogiovanni @ 07/24/09 09:37 PM
The New England coach celebrating with his headset still on?!?!!?!? Funny to say the least.
# 14 TreyIM2 @ 07/24/09 09:52 PM
Was watching the vids before this was posted and they look great, overall, as I was enjoying the end game cutscenes but a couple things bothered me yet can be overlooked:
- The Redskins game ending bothered me because after the kicker kicked the game winning field goal, only he was celebrating.
- End of game commentary for those playoff games and Superbowls coulda been more dramatic with them saying things like "If he makes this field goal, they are going to the AFC Championship!" or "There is only 15 seconds left for the Steelers to try to comeback and advance to the AFC Championship against New England" yada, yada. I think EA could either use an improved commentary engine in the future or get the "voice talents" to record more situational things to say. I think they need a better commentary engine that is more flexible but what do I know, eh?
Love lots of what I seen like the Gatorade dousing of the coach, the post game interviewing with the reports wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather although I have to wonder about dude in the short sleeves interviewing Campbell during a playoff game, in D.C. during the winter. Lol.
Can't wait for this game, or, at the very least, to get my PS3 fixed so I can continue playing the Madden 10 demo like I was last night before it conked out on me.
# 15 RayAllen20 @ 07/24/09 09:59 PM
Two things bothered me...

Computer AI- Recievers didnt run out of bounds when they should have. QBs didnt throw toward the sideline when necessary.

Commentary- No excitement and Hammond doesnt talk enough. If I just listened to the game Id have no idea wat was going on. He doesnt even say stuff like the 40..the 30...the 20...the 10..the 5...touchdown! All I hear is (silence)...touchdown! Also the gamewinning plays didnt seem like a big deal. Agree with TreyIM2 about the commentary for the end of playoff games. Also I want the announcers to be critical of a WRs choice not to go out of bounds. Sign Gus Johnson instead of Hammond. Gus Johnson is the definition of good commentary and excitement.
# 16 Yo-Yo @ 07/24/09 10:03 PM
why does the coach stil have his headset on when he gets the trophy???? little things madden, little things.
# 17 jmurphy31 @ 07/24/09 10:03 PM
At teh end of the superbowl video in the menu screen there was something about Boost Stats...Does anyone know what this is???
# 18 DubTrey1 @ 07/25/09 12:54 AM
Game winning FG and the Skins did not really eve celebrate? Overall, all of the vids were decent IMO.
# 19 jdr4693 @ 07/25/09 01:50 AM
very nice end of game cutscenes.
# 20 SteelCityChamp @ 07/25/09 02:47 AM
I like the tackling animations a lot better than I used to. This looks better than the demos I have seen too. Must be a newer build. I am being optimistic. C'mon Madden!

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