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According to 1up, the Punch-Out!! team would love to make a sequel. How about you? What would you change in Round 2?

"The next Punch-Out!! would be different. Hopefully fans appreciate what we've done and that Punch-Out!! gathers strength in the marketplace as well as in pop culture. We've seen great online videos and fan content already. When the current title has gathered its new fanbase I would personally love to take the IP and the mechanic and give it a little twist," gameplay lead Bryce Holliday told Official Nintendo Magazine UK.

"Cooperative, competitive multiplayer support or create-a-boss mode would be places to start, but we'd need to come up with a new 'hook' like the motion controllers gave us in this iteration."

Producer Ken Yeeloy has also said that he would love to make a sequel, adding, "I think with this first product, we wanted to make sure there was a definite, undeniable connection to the original. The sequel would be our opportunity to evolve the franchise further and add some cool, new things."

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