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Have any questions for the developers of NHL 2K10? If so, submit them here. Obviously, they can't answer all of them, but we'll do our best to get as many answers as we can.

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# 1 zombie5146 @ 08/03/09 06:46 PM
will the draft be full of players called Alex Iginla or Marc-Andre Ovechkin like last year or has that been fixed?
# 2 kai123 @ 08/03/09 06:48 PM
First off thanks...

My questions are will the game feature Off-Season activities in Franchise?

How in depth is the create-a-player and create-a-team?

Are the stick Handling Dekes mapped to the right stick or are they dial a deke(A+B+Right Bumper)

Will Stick Lifts result in High Sticking and Hooking?

Will there be custom soundtracks for PS3, or even the ability to play music from the XMB during gameplay?

Will NHL2k(10) give us the option of playing on line leagues with injuries "on?" If the answer is "no," then has this option ever been considered?

Will all NHL Penalties be present in NHL 2k10(Delay of game, High Sticking)

Will Playoff beards and Zamboni come back this year?


I'm liking what I'm seeing so far with nhl 2k10, but i do have a question to ask...online franchise....how many people can play in the online franchise mode 1-2-3???
# 3 kai123 @ 08/03/09 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by zombie5146
will the draft be full of players called Alex Iginla or Marc-Andre Ovechkin like last year or has that been fixed?
2k Share has Draft Players too,So you can do the real Draft instead of having those names

# 4 Steve_OS @ 08/03/09 06:53 PM
BTW, odds are...they will answer most of the questions that relate to the feature list, before getting to anything else.

# 5 lunch pale gang @ 08/03/09 07:15 PM
Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. I think mine are fairly simple and straight forward.

1. Will the franchise mode generate a new schedule every season? In 2k9 we had to play the same schedule every season.

2. Will there be an All-Star game in franchise/season mode?

Thanks again!
# 6 Flyermania @ 08/03/09 07:25 PM
1. What exactly has been done to make the game "return to its sim roots"?

2. What has been done differently in the QA of the game to prevent the various bugs that have plagued the series over the past 4-5 years?

3. Will 2k10 feature post release support (roster updates, patches if needed, etc)? For both systems (360 & PS3)?

4. What is the biggest change, in your opinion, that makes 2k10 better than 2k9?
# 7 jyoung @ 08/03/09 07:27 PM
Nothing specific, but I am wondering:

"EA's game been winning the video game hockey battle the last couple of seasons in terms of sales and critical reception; what, specifically, is NHL 2K10 bringing to the table that will help turn things around and bring gamers back to a series (2K) that used to be leader of the pond?"
# 8 Nightbird248 @ 08/03/09 07:33 PM
Thanks for giving us, the community the opportunity to ask you the devs some questions pertaining to NHL 2K10.

Will the season/franchise mode include the Winter Classic which this year is at Fenway Park between the Bruins an Flyers and will we be able to use Fenway Park plus the past winter classic venues to play games at?

On another note, in the past there wasn't injuries in online league play. Will there be injuries in online league play in NHL 2K10?
# 9 savoie2006 @ 08/03/09 07:55 PM
What new sliders have been added?

The AI Has Been Reworked. Does This Mean Players WIll Play Better Positionally On Defense, Instead Of 2 Players Always Chasing The Puck Carrier? On Offense Will The Cpu Do Less Spin o Ramas And Pass The Puck Around More?
# 10 savoie2006 @ 08/03/09 07:56 PM
Has The Goalie AI Been Improved As Well?
# 11 JAYMO76 @ 08/03/09 08:18 PM
What franchise features from 2k8 will be back? Aka line chemistry, line recommendations, access to our AHL franchise, re-signing our players during the season, etc. Thanks.
# 12 Money99 @ 08/03/09 08:38 PM
Will the CPU move the puck around in the offensive zone?
Is it harder to get through the nuetral zone?
Has checking been toned down in it's frequency and effect?

Thanks for answering our questions.
# 13 CarryTheWeight @ 08/03/09 08:42 PM
Excellent, it's great to hear that we're finally getting a Q&A.

-What has been done to improve the presentation from last year? Has the commentary track been re-written? Will we get to see more replays in stoppages? What has been done to iron out the quirks?

-Does "signature style" go beyond equipment? With the exception of Ovechkin, will we see any signature celebrations or authentic skating/shooting/goaltending animations for notable NHL'ers?

-How has Visual Concepts upped the in-game authenticity/immersion from 2K9? Can we expect to see more "little things" from arena to arena like we did last year?

-What's in store for hardcore hockey fans and veteran hockey gamers this year? Will there be enough depth for "sim players" in spite of all the "party now" stuff?

Thank you for your time and effort, I and many others here on OS hope for the best this year.
# 14 zombie5146 @ 08/03/09 09:09 PM
franchise stats (scoring) last year were too low, your best players rarley broke 80 points... 2k8 was pitch perfect. has there been anychanges made to the player stats?
# 15 kiddstyle @ 08/03/09 09:12 PM
Last year the defensive controls took a hit. Skating backwards and moving the stick side to side was taken away. Can you expand on enhanced defensive controls?

Do wrist shots have more than one speed? In 2K8 you could load a wrist shot up for more power.

Can you elaborate on the small animation system feature?

In online co-op franchise, can we keep track of the stats that are specific for our friends as well as ourselves? For example, my friend has x amount of points?

Will online lobbies return?

Can you talk more about the Team Up games? Last year the AI went offside way too much. What has been improved in this area?

Last year, using the stick to deke was clumsy and awkward, your player would stop skating when trying to stick handle. Has this been improved and how does it work now if so?

When will the demo drop and what will be in it?
# 16 shogunofharlem3 @ 08/03/09 09:48 PM
Regarding coop franchise online. When I invite my buddy to play in my Bruins franchise will he be able to see the stats, free agents, contract negotiations, etc. Will we be able to work on the off season tasks together?

And is the Icon Switching option to change players making a return?

Thanks and I am looking forward to 2k10!
# 17 asu666 @ 08/03/09 10:04 PM
Is there a way to lock the camera to the side (Broadcast) view so we don't have to pause the game to switch it every time we play?

Will fans be moving around the arena?

The current game is a lot of fun. This year's just needs more polish and to be fleshed out. Thanks
# 18 JimmyDeicide @ 08/03/09 10:58 PM
Make sure you lambast the game before the next 80 as well it should get you a few answers.

Do Refs get out of the way this year or at least turn off ref collision making a return?(360)

Can we turn off ovey dekes? (360)

Are the offensive and defensive strategies still 2 button press's to execute or back to 1 as they always where and are there any new ones?
# 19 wurstman3000 @ 08/03/09 11:06 PM
How man created teams and players can we upload in one 2Kshare roster file ( - will we be able to create whole leagues)?
# 20 texbuk84 @ 08/03/09 11:28 PM
Online Franchise!!! is it in

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