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Hey everyone, since NBA Live 10 is now looming, the developers want to answer some questions that you all have about the game. OS will be doing more than one of these Q&A sessions, so we're going to try and concentrate the questions on specific parts of a game, rather than just have each Q&A session be a smorgasbord of topics.

So, this Q&A session will revolve around GAMEPLAY and ANYTHING RELATING TO THE VIDEOS/IMAGES THAT HAVE BEEN RELEASED THUS FAR. So if you have questions about those topics, POST THEM IN HERE, and I will forward quite a few of them to the developers. After that, expect a front-page story that has the answers from the developers.

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# 1 NoTiCe_O @ 08/10/09 01:11 PM
Are there signature Quickstrike moves, along with the Signature Size-ups?
# 2 LLKoolAid @ 08/10/09 01:27 PM
will there be tip slams? will the face editor from fight night be in the game? is the create a player revamped? will the created players stop looking so generic? can created players get the handles packages like D. Wade, KB24 and Chris Paul? Any Dynasty changes?
# 3 JerryBrownakalebron @ 08/10/09 01:28 PM
will players such as lebron, dwade, kobe have there own signature dunks/ moves?

Also, when lebron or dwade is on a fastbreak and a point guard is under goal will lebron or dwade finally dunk on that person because i dont like how a point guard can make a person like lebron not dunk on him unless he is gettin fouled
# 4 Jano @ 08/10/09 01:29 PM
What are some of the improvements that have been made to the fastbreak game? And how have you guys further improved the halfcourt game?
# 5 ball4life @ 08/10/09 01:32 PM
can you throw alleys inbounds
# 6 Stumbleweed @ 08/10/09 01:33 PM
Did you retain the "signature move" element from NBA Live 09, where you hold a direction and shoot to engage special player-specific jumpers like Baron Davis' stepback? I like those moves a lot and thought it would be a good way to improve the signature styles beyond just the shot form, dribble package, celebrations, etc., but I haven't heard anything about it this year.

Can we get an explanation on the control system as relates to controlling shots since the two-button system was removed? Is it all just contextual or (as I thought Mike Wang mentioned earlier) can you elect to put it off the glass, change it in mid-air, etc.? Is it something like 2K had for a while where you hold LT and it goes off the glass or something?

I know that lockdown defense proper was removed, but is there still interaction with the RS as the defender? I.E. putting hands up to contest without jumping, taking a charge, getting low in a defensive stance? I always thought the RS was a good place to put these additional controls but they've been horrible in both games for years now (especially the contest shot command) and it would be nice to see a usable defensive stick.
# 7 SageInfinite @ 08/10/09 01:45 PM
Did you guys add a lot of signature free throw routines and free throw shots?(2k9 did this really well)

Do you feel your game can be mistaken for an actual broadcast this year?(camera angles, cuts zooms, replays)

Are you guys ever going to add more coaches or characters to makes the benches look more accurate?

Will you guys ever consider looking at each arenas camera placement to give us the most accurate tv replication as possible?

Will the cpu teams use superstars to their advantage? Can Lebron take over the game if I'm facing him?

Has any work been done to the double teams?

Are their any new accessories added?

If you guys did in fact add signature packages(dunks lay-ups dribble moves), will we be able to edit them? Are they going to be updated through DNA?

Can animations be added this year via updates?
# 8 SageInfinite @ 08/10/09 01:50 PM
Is there any sort of game planning this year, or scouting we can look at to see what we have to look for when we face certain teams?
# 9 Shakedowncapo @ 08/10/09 01:55 PM
Egg McMuffin or Burger King Croissanwich?


OK better yet, how were the right stick crossovers made more responsive? And are they signature or generic?
# 10 tanner99 @ 08/10/09 02:28 PM
is the gameplay par with 2k's? im still on the fence between the two games.
# 11 Stumbleweed @ 08/10/09 02:33 PM
LOL, pretty sure that's not a question that can be answered. Best leave that one as a rhetorical in your head.
# 12 johnny4LSU @ 08/10/09 02:36 PM
will we be able to make bank shots?
# 13 lamoyou318 @ 08/10/09 02:37 PM
will the cpu throw alley oops in Live 10 cause i never saw any in Live 09
# 14 tanner99 @ 08/10/09 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Stumbleweed
LOL, pretty sure that's not a question that can be answered. Best leave that one as a rhetorical in your head.
i knoww

i just want the game to be as fluid as 2k. i really love how live looks over 2k but the gameplay's not there
# 15 rockchisler @ 08/10/09 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by tanner99
is the gameplay par with 2k's? im still on the fence between the two games.
Thats a silly question, How do you think they are gonna answer that question?????????
# 16 blingballa333 @ 08/10/09 02:47 PM
Will the role players actually look like themselves this year? I'm tired of seeing players like Anthony Parker and Andris Biedrins look so terrible.

And another, how many signature shots will be in this years game and will we be able to edit them in edit player. For example, If I don't like Brandon Roy's shot, could change it?

# 17 blues rocker @ 08/10/09 03:01 PM
Have any improvements been made to on-ball defense, off-ball defense, and shot blocking?
# 18 tanner99 @ 08/10/09 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by rockchisler
Thats a silly question, How do you think they are gonna answer that question?????????

but it would be cool if they just said that the games extremely fluid. no need to get offended...
# 19 Bornindamecca @ 08/10/09 03:10 PM
What, if anything, has changed about the passing?

Have there been any modifications to the Lockdown D?

Originally Posted by xjohnnyjohnsonx
will we be able to make bank shots?
Yes. They addressed that in one of the blogs or videos.
# 20 mercymerc23 @ 08/10/09 03:44 PM
Is there going to be a pass fake? And can we control the passing. i.e bounce pass, lob pass and is there touch passing so the ball moves faster than the defenders? Can we dunk over/on people like lebron did to tim duncan?

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