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The following websites has posted NHL 2K10 hands-on previews:
  • 1up: NHL 2K10 Hands-on Preview

    "Speaking of franchise mode, users can also create their own team and play with it online. Just about everything is customizable for these teams, from rosters, to color palettes. You can even change the logo, though while the game has no option for custom logos, the wide selection of available art as well as current and past NHL teams should be enough here if this is something up your alley."
  • IGN: NHL 2K10 Hands-on Preview

    "Once you get out on the ice the experience is fairly reminiscent of what we've seen from the series prior. There are still different control options to limit or expand the complexities of dekeing and checking with the use of analog sticks or face buttons and the game moves the same in general."

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# 1 CarryTheWeight @ 08/11/09 05:36 PM
Uh, oh...bad news for Scottdau (from 1UP):

Yes, the graphics have improved upon last year's version, in addition to new pre-game introductions for every team, each one specific to the actual introductions one would see on the ice. Me being a San Jose Sharks fan, I can attest it's pretty damn close (unfortunately, no giant shark head with dry ice was in sight).
# 2 Eddie1967 @ 08/11/09 07:08 PM
"it's usually the same thing every year when a sports videogame is making the preview coverage rounds: better graphics, new player models, and so on. So when 2K gave me hands-on time with it's upcoming NHL 2K10, I was expecting to get just that. Instead, 2K wanted to show off some of the new social networking features that will be incorporated into the game. And for those who are wondering: yes, the hockey is there, it looks great, and it plays solid thanks in part to developer Visual Concepts being in charge for this game's full development cycle, rather than inheriting it from Kush Games during mid-development like last year's game".

So it's true VC only had half a cycle last year. No wonder this 2k10 looks like a major upgrade. They are very talented indeed. Can't wait to play this.

"in addition to new pre-game introductions for every team, each one specific to the actual introductions one would see on the ice".

Now that's attention to detail, EACH ONE SPECIFIC, that is music to my ears and one the main reasons I prefer the 2k brand. Things like this along with the improved game play will go a long way towards holding my attention until next years version.

"First things first, this is the first NHL game in many years to be developed solely in-house at Visual Concepts. The former developers, Kush Games, left the series last season, so some of the innovations that were planned for 2K9 didn't make the final cut, but are firmly implanted in this year's edition".

Just more proof to those who doubted they had a full development cycle last year. I like being right, no really I do.

"Checks are as hard-hitting as ever if you're using the correct player. I saw several bone crunching blows on the ice. Players went hurdling onto their backs and even into the opponent's bench on one instance. The sound demonstrates everything from hits to shots that go clanging off of the post very well".

One of the best things about 2k hockey is how who your playing with figures into what you are able to do. It's realism at it's finest. I couldn't play a game where Colin White made passes like Sydney Crosby.
# 3 MizzouRah @ 08/12/09 01:16 PM
One thing I loved about 2k9 is the immersion it brings as far as the sights and sounds of each arena.. EA needs to get on board with the same.
# 4 MizzouRah @ 08/13/09 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
That is what is really keeping me off board. If they do that, I would be on board big time. But I must say this game is doing a lot of things right. So I am pumped!
I've been watching NHL 10 videos and I could have sworn I heard a different goal horn today.

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