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As promised, we’re back today showing all of you the new dribble moves that you’ll see in NBA LIVE 10 this year. We really wanted to differentiate between players this year. What makes LeBron, LeBron? How about CP3? One of the ways in which we’ve captured this is in their dribbling styles. Let’s start with the new “size up” mechanic in NBA LIVE 10.

The size up is a series of dribbling moves used to breakdown a defender. How am I being guarded? Where is the opening? Answering these questions is the purpose of the size up. Once the ball handler catches the defender biting, he can then perform a go move out of the size up to take advantage of an over-zealous defender or a mismatch. Basically, the size up keeps the defender on his toes! In NBA LIVE 10, you perform these moves via the right trigger from a standstill position. Once you move the left stick (to move the character), you break out of the size up and start moving. One of the great things about this mechanic is that it can be broken out of at any time, or better yet, seamlessly linked into any quickstrike dribbling move using the right stick. There’s no waiting for the animation to play out before going into your next move. If you want to start that next move, you can. In the video below, you can see that we’ve captured authentic player specific size ups. You can really see the difference between LeBron and Kobe’s size up moves.

The size up is step 1 of the dribbling moves this year. Master it and you’ll be shaking your defender (especially a human controlled one) in no time. Just because we have size ups in our game, it doesn’t mean that everyone can do them. If you’re a big man with a weak handle, and you use the right trigger, you’ll do dribble moves, but good luck trying to keep up your dribble as it’ll most likely get stripped or you’ll lose control. This also doesn’t mean that the LeBron and Kobe size ups are money moves either. Again, this is a simple mechanic used to branch into more deceptive, calculated quickstrike moves. Do the size up for too long, and you open a window for the defender to read your next movement and strip the ball from you.

There’s also a couple of things in this video that I want to point out to you. You’ll notice right off the bat that there’s not a lot of off-ball player movement. Don’t worry, we have a TON of that this year. We just called an ISOLATION set in each clip to showcase the one on one matchups that we primarily wanted to capture. And finally, yes, that is a eurostep you see Derrick Rose doing. We’ll have A LOT more on the different ways you can finish at the basket this year in the coming weeks.

I really hope you’re enjoying these gameplay videos guys. There’s a lot of them left, so if you haven’t seen something you want to see yet, don’t worry you will.

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Member Comments
# 1 GSW @ 08/13/09 04:36 PM
please someone put this on youttube!!!
# 2 kunqlao @ 08/13/09 04:36 PM
Thanks, can't wait for Live 10.
# 3 GSW @ 08/13/09 04:37 PM
PS....can you capture some Baby Jesus highlights?

# 4 stizz @ 08/13/09 04:37 PM
Cheers Marcus. The animations look so real and smooooooooth!
# 5 RayAllen20 @ 08/13/09 04:37 PM
looks good....love the d.rose move when he avoided the defenders and did a reverse lay up
# 6 Supersonic_BR @ 08/13/09 04:37 PM
SWEET, just before i went to college. Will watch it now.
# 7 KChow21 @ 08/13/09 04:38 PM
Great video!!!
# 8 abid_baller @ 08/13/09 04:38 PM
this is beautiful!
# 9 DaWolf @ 08/13/09 04:39 PM
HOT! Best video yet. Loved the rose layup.
# 10 fLyGuY JuSa3 @ 08/13/09 04:40 PM
wow this video was amazing!
all of the size ups were perfect....
Damn.....im defiantly getting this game offically now
# 11 HoosierDaddy @ 08/13/09 04:40 PM
Good stuff Marcus, love the sizeups!
# 12 GSW @ 08/13/09 04:40 PM
# 13 stephensonmc @ 08/13/09 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by RayAP19

One thing I noticed that bothered me was no contact between Yi and Chris Paul when CP3 drove. There was just kind of an invisible wall there and Yi slid back because Paul was driving "into" him.

We need contact animations
We have them, you'll see.
# 14 Stumbleweed @ 08/13/09 04:42 PM
Whoo, that CP3 blow-by and the Rose sequence were dirtaay. I can't wait to see what I can pull off... seems very intuitive and quick-acting.

Only thing I didn't like was how Kobe magically got the ball over the defenders hand even though Thompson (?) was there with plenty of time, forced him baseline and timed the jump correctly. Hopefully that would be a block or a missed shot in most cases, even if it is Kobe.
# 15 brs2305 @ 08/13/09 04:43 PM
Once again...very impressive!!!
# 16 fLyGuY JuSa3 @ 08/13/09 04:45 PM
Did u guys notice the crowds reaction after d.rose blew by the defender or am i hearing things? lol
it sounded tite.....
# 17 krazyboy225 @ 08/13/09 04:45 PM
That was illll!!!!!!!!!!!

It looked so fluid... and quick.
# 18 HoosierDaddy @ 08/13/09 04:45 PM
I personally think Lebron should've been blocked on that dunk attempt, but...
# 19 Moshood @ 08/13/09 04:45 PM
The Kobe one was the best IMO
# 20 capn_razzamataz @ 08/13/09 04:47 PM
Wow, looks really good so far (this coming from an NBA 2k diehard). One thing I noticed was that when the camera was zoomed in the players seemed to instantly accelerate a little when coming out of the crossover animations. Not that big a deal and I doubt it'll be noticeable during zoomed-out gameplay.

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