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Jon Robinson has documented 24 hours of Madden NFL 10, as he takes the Dolphins, to the Super Bowl.

"Welcome to the Pat White era.

No better way to sum up my "Madden NFL 10" experience so far, the latest game in a franchise historically dominated by fast quarterbacks. Randall Cunningham owned the Genesis. Michael Vick ruled all since the PlayStation 2. And now, at least until Vick is inserted back into the game via downloadable content, Pat White is my favorite "Madden" character.

Forget his 65 overall rating -- it's the 87 speed, 92 agility and 92 acceleration that changes games.

Check these stats from an exhibition game I just played against the computer: White completed 21 of 24 passes for 228 yards, threw for two touchdowns, rushed for another 97 yards and two touchdowns, and caught (yes, caught) two touchdown passes out of the Wildcat when I lined Ronnie Brown up as the quarterback and sent White wide right.

As I said, welcome to the Pat White era of "Madden" football."

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# 1 redxiiixi @ 08/14/09 04:16 PM
Pretty good stuff. Unlike years past, there's no denying this game has a great fun factor. What's not fun is Pat White's cheesing potential. 3
# 2 CzecHitYou @ 08/14/09 04:41 PM
What difficulty did you play on?
# 3 jwoodson15 @ 08/17/09 01:29 PM
He played on All Pro. I was thinking of doing something like this with the Broncos until I get regular season rosters.

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