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Check out the Thoughts on Madden 10 From A Former Madden Dev, as well as, Quick Hit Football information.

"Hey all. I've been a member of OS since 2002 and known Steve almost as long, but this is my first blog on his wonderful site. I worked for EA Tiburon on Madden from 2004 to 2006 as an assistant producer. Before that you might remember me from my days at Football-Gaming.com. If you remember FBG at all, +1 to you.

More recently, I've been helping out the Quick Hit guys on their new online football game, Quick Hit Football. It's not a competitor of Madden's. But if you like football, you'll probably dig QHF. It's only in alpha and I'm already enjoying it enough to be playing it just for fun.

And if you're a Minnesotan, I recently started a local sports website dedicated to the type of sports fans who hang out here. You should visit www.funkytownsports.com if you're a Minnesotan who likes more video games and fantasy advice with his sports news.

Since I have a game AND a site to pimp, and the game I used to work on just released a new version, I figure now is the time to finally start blogging on OS.

My completely honest, completely biased take is that I like Madden 10 more than any Madden since Madden 2003. Read on if you're in to specifics..."

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# 1 Hoos @ 08/15/09 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by Terrell28
I agree my question is that no one will answer for me is how do you create your own online franchise I have the code went to the website and they show me leauges i can join but I want to start my own and I dont see a prompt to put my code in a little HELP please lol.
I may be wrong but I think you can only enter the online franchise code within the game. It has to be unlocked on your system, before you can access it.
# 2 the croz 1027 @ 08/15/09 10:06 PM
You need to go to online hub and franchise and click redeem code. Its the code on the top right hand corner of the back of your instruction manual

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