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PALGN has posted their preview of Forza Motorsport 3.

"At the top of the list of new bits in Forza 3 is a 'rewind' feature, borrowed from fellow racing sim GRID. Players can, at any point during a race, rewind the clock in order to fix up any mistakes they might have made. There are absolutely no limits to, nor are there any penalties given for its use. If you're worried about it making things a bit too easy for yourself, it can be turned off - it is one of the various features that Turn 10 has added, along with automatic braking, with the goal of making the game more accessible to people who normally wouldn't touch a hardcore racing sim. Thankfully though, those who do use these features will not be 'certified' on online leaderboards.

Hence the decision to completely revamp the game's Career mode. Now dubbed the Season mode, Forza 3 will still offer players 200 different events to experience - but only three will be available at any given time on a player's calendar. What is shown on a player's calendar depends on their past efforts and preferences, resulting in a much more accessible game for beginners, but with sufficient depth for Forza veterans. It won't be just circuit racing on offer this time either - in the name of variety, oval and drag races will be present, as well as a drift events and timed runs. To start with, players will be presented with a choice of six cars, where the obvious goal is to upgrade to better sets of wheels. The leveling and XP system from Forza 2 will remain intact. As a result of the sweeping changes, Turn 10 reckons that no two player calendars will be identical."

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# 1 Jump @ 08/17/09 09:11 PM
lol. They called grid a racing sim.

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