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Check out the Operation Sports exclusive NHL 10 sizzle video. As soon as we know when the demo will be available, we'll let everyone know.

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# 1 Chitown Flyer @ 08/17/09 12:51 AM
I'm gonna need a new cup...
# 2 onlybygrace @ 08/17/09 12:52 AM
I predict the 27th of August.

Looks good.
# 3 Stroehms @ 08/17/09 01:03 AM
Wait, that whole thing was the demo? Holy crap, that's awesome!
# 4 kai123 @ 08/17/09 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by stroehmerbasebal
Wait, that whole thing was the demo? Holy crap, that's awesome!
Agreed broski. Judging by the size of the demo, no need for a full version, lmao
# 5 MizzouRah @ 08/17/09 01:13 AM
Oh my... cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 6 godylla @ 08/17/09 01:27 AM
So you can create your Pro on the demo, save it, and carry it into the full version? Or will you have to start over once the full version comes out?
# 7 PhillsPhan26 @ 08/17/09 02:18 AM
Cant wait.
# 8 bad_philanthropy @ 08/17/09 03:12 AM
Hm, that makes me not want to play the demo at all and just have the full game right now. Just a little less than a month to go!
# 9 sanjosesharks22 @ 08/17/09 04:39 AM
Cannot wait for the demo to come out. NHL 10 looks like a GREAT game!
# 10 Lubey @ 08/17/09 04:41 AM
It's gonna be a long month.
# 11 DragonDemonico @ 08/17/09 08:52 AM
I've been looking forward to this video since friday and now that I can watch it, I keep getting an error that reads "There are some files missing or corrupt, preventing this video from playing" or something like that.
# 12 VeryEvilAsh @ 08/17/09 09:15 AM
I'm not complaining or anything, but I was hoping to see some actual demo game play footage. This demo does looked packed to the gills and should keep everyone happy til the game is released though! I also noticed that the BAP had a C on his jersey. Sweet!
# 13 akula @ 08/17/09 09:32 AM
wow, big demo. people who try it will surely be hooked and go for the full version!
# 14 Qb @ 08/17/09 09:34 AM
You'd have to think it's coming soon, especially if this vid hits other sites this week. Next week maybe?
# 15 briareos @ 08/17/09 10:05 AM
still getting the error as post #12 mentioned it - waiting already hours for it to watch, lol
# 16 Bolts_26 @ 08/17/09 12:45 PM

I think I watched the video about 4 times.

I really cannot wait for this game.

# 17 Bolts_26 @ 08/17/09 12:51 PM
Also, notice Patty Kane still on the cover after the preview.
# 18 buzzguy @ 08/17/09 01:14 PM
May have to photoshop out his damn mouthgard. Man, that annoys me!
# 19 Lubey @ 08/17/09 01:30 PM
So in the demo is there going to be just one period of the game 7 or the whole game? It looked like they simmed the first two periods.
# 20 mynutees @ 08/17/09 01:36 PM
Looks great. To be honest, I would have much rather seen actual gameplay footage than some pre-made video highlights package.

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