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Hey guys,

I will be playing the NHL 10 beta this weekend. What I want to know - do you have any questions you want answered? Let me know now, and I will take the list with me. We have an embargo that will be lifted on Monday, so I will come back with as much information as I can and answer as much as I can handle.


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# 1 Gusto1 @ 08/21/09 05:55 PM
Is there a coach mode option in Be a Gm mode.
# 2 kennytomson @ 08/21/09 05:56 PM
'Broadcast' camera angle?
# 3 Wild_Fan90 @ 08/21/09 05:59 PM
What European leagues are playable this year ?
# 4 kai123 @ 08/21/09 06:00 PM
Thanks Millenium, anyways, my question is the 'Fake Shot' make goalies flop on a breakaway like in the demo.
# 5 bad_philanthropy @ 08/21/09 06:00 PM
If you could adjust the pass speed and see what effect it has on manual passing. Also, some impressions from messing around with the attribute effect slider would be excellent.

Not sure if you'll have the time, but if you could sim a season and get some impressions on the improved sim engine, as well as seeing if progression has improved.

Thanks in advance, and damn you're lucky!
# 6 sarlndr @ 08/21/09 06:01 PM
Yeah, why is this game so slow?
# 7 kerosene31 @ 08/21/09 07:08 PM
I'd like to verify that the choppy performance of the demo is fixed in later versions (at least on 360). The overhead camera is pretty brutal at times. I'm sure it is just a demo issue, but I'd love to be sure.
# 8 Lordofthething @ 08/21/09 07:49 PM
PLEASE PLEASE find out if there are RFA's in Be a GM...thanks!!
# 9 mcstub @ 08/21/09 08:47 PM
Is there online coop against the CPU, preferably join in for season or franchise like 2k10 has. Is there online
season, franchise or tourney's like madden
# 10 Stormyhog @ 08/21/09 09:13 PM
When in a fight are the tough guys stronger than the non fighters that fight? Do they inflict more damage?
# 11 Spanky @ 08/21/09 09:32 PM
Any more throwback uniforms? Or did they take any out?

Does the ice still deteriorate? Hard to tell in the demo.
# 12 plaidchuck @ 08/21/09 09:59 PM
Beta? Hasn't the game already gone gold and is being pressed and packaged?
# 13 adayinthelife @ 08/21/09 10:19 PM
Definitely would love to know the RFA/UFA situation.

In regards to fighting: are the 'never, rarely, sometimes, always' attributes going to be a factor? I had a Malkin/Datsyuk fight in the demo.. I know these things happen sometimes but we're talking like once every 2 years haha.

Also, the injury system: in the first game you play in the demo you get that pop up saying Crosby is injured and you get the option to play him (similar to Madden 10). Is this going to be how all injuries in the game are handled?

# 14 rawgamer @ 08/21/09 10:46 PM
Is there a club practice mode for the EASHL?
What kind of uniform options will there be when you create your club in the EASHL?
Will we have any creative freedom when making online team uniforms?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.
# 15 NYwRiter94 @ 08/21/09 11:34 PM
Can you tell us the kind of tolerance there is in terms of making trades and signing fre agents in BAGM?

Also, does the AI score more goals in BAP?
# 16 Donovan @ 08/22/09 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by sarlndr
Yeah, why is this game so slow?
Because although real hockey is a fast game its slower than you think when you compare it to a video game. Thats what sliders are for, so we can all player our own perfect game.
# 17 Ninjoid @ 08/22/09 02:52 AM
Pop a cpu v cpu game on and see if there are any penalties and how the cpu plays in this mode please.
# 18 VeryEvilAsh @ 08/22/09 05:55 AM
Can you please verify if the CPU will initiate post whistle scrums or does the player have to do it every single time. Also in BAP mode if your team needs a boost because they are fumbling pucks, is your tough guy on your team going to fight or does the player have to do it and waste 5 mins in the box even though they are a sniper? I ask this because last year I was on the Flyers and had to watch Riley Cote skate around the ice and never check or fight for a whole season.
# 19 aqueous @ 08/22/09 10:35 AM

also, are you able to sign a player under the last year of his contract to an extension as per the CBA? i'd almost rather have this than RFAs...
# 20 ThePebble19 @ 08/22/09 12:53 PM
Any chance they used the gameface feature for Be A pro or create a player?

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