WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 News Post

Xbox 360 Preview

"As you move around the ring, different tasks pop up in the corner of the screen in an attempt to teach you the things you can do in a given area. If you're standing in the middle of the ring, the task might be as simple as taunting, but if you're coming up on your opponent -- who can stand there like a punching bag or be changed to one of the game's difficulties -- the game might try to teach you how to pull off a grapple move. As you perform these tasks, the move gets checked off on the screen and disappears so that it won't pop up while you're learning again.

You can turn the tips off or reset them so everything pops up again, but the idea is to give newcomers an idea of how to play and to give seasoned vets a refresher course while sprinkling in some of the game's newest offerings.

At first glance, SVR 2010 looks a lot like its predecessors. As a long-time fan of the franchise, I'm used to an annual series that drops in a few new modes and calls it a day, but when I got my hands-on the controller, I got to see some of the new tidbits THQ's peppered in to compliment the new community creation stuff. When I took on Triple H as Chris Jericho in a falls count anywhere match, the ref followed the fight around the barricade and up the entrance ramp -- he didn't stay in the middle of the ring like a goon. When we were brawling around the squared circle, the camera angles were actually cool and not way too close and/or obscured by barricades like last year. When I slapped the hell out of John Morrison's chest as Edge, the Shaman of Sexy's chest actually got red from flesh on flesh contact."

Wii/DS First Details

"The big changes on the 360/PS3 side this year come with the expansion into THQ's new "It's Your World" motto with the WWE brand. New create-a-finisher options, a revamped create-a-superstar offering, and global sharing online of any and all created content. With Wii, however, this year is all about changing the game for the better, and it starts with the base gameplay. Wii is moving more towards what THQ calls a "Sim" experience, which we would assume is a direct counter to previous games where quick falls and arcade-like gaming ended up getting in the way of solid in-ring storytelling. This year's game looks to bring more of the science of wrestling back into the game, so we expect limb damage, an improved moveset, or other "core" gameplay additions to make a return in style. In brief chats with designer and all-around Nintendo guro Dan Ryan - we caught up with him while he was trash talking co-designer Bryan Williams in SVR 2010, donning a beautiful WWE diva under each arm - he gave us a better look at what this more traditional take on the series would bring. Gone are the flick-based motion controls, instead bringing back the button-based input found in the other versins. After testing the game with consumers and getting the feedback, core wrestling fans looked to be down for the regular controls as opposed to "You can't see me" waggle. We'll have to wait and see for specifics on the changes - and if things like motion-based entrances are in or out - but this move towards a more sim-like offering sounds good as a start."

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