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Have any screenshot requests from our beta copy of NHL 10? If so, post it here and keep an eye out for your requested screenshot on our NHL 10 media page.

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# 1 ThePebble19 @ 08/25/09 07:00 PM
Per your reqeust from the QA blog, how about a shot of the Sabres in their alternate 3rd jersey, and if the white throwback winter classic jersey is still in, one of that too.

And one of the center ice at HSBC, thanks!
# 2 LuGer33 @ 08/25/09 07:00 PM
Would love to see Marty Turco in action in his Reebok P3 Revokes. Also wouldn't say no to a close up of Flyers' Mike Richards; I heard this year EA finally got him a real cyber face and not a generic one, so I've been curious to see how they did.

Can you guys take shots from the BAGM menus? Would love to see more shots of trades being rejected, offered, etc. Also would be cool to see the new interface for the EASHL...
# 3 CarryTheWeight @ 08/25/09 07:25 PM
I'd like to see a shot of the Sabres first-liners on a faceoff...primarily to see if any cybers were added. Thank you for your time, Steve.
# 4 onlybygrace @ 08/25/09 09:07 PM
TJ OSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 5 les3couleurs @ 08/25/09 09:10 PM
Hal Gill in a Canadiens retro jersey either the CA one with the darker red or the barberpole one, if they're in there.
# 6 Jays20593 @ 08/25/09 09:14 PM
Would you please take one of Senators goalie Pascal Leclaire and forward Alex Kovalev?
# 7 pf8363 @ 08/25/09 09:29 PM
ryan miller making a big save
# 8 kai123 @ 08/25/09 09:48 PM
A picture of Alexei Ponikarovsky or Tomas Kaberle. Maybe even Dany Heatley?

Thanks again Steve. This site is bomb!!
# 9 jb0y00 @ 08/25/09 09:48 PM
I'm with u Luger, it be nice for them to finally give RICHIE his true face. He's one of the best two way players in the league and is only getting better. Can't wait for the upcoming season. GO FLYERS! Also I'm loving all the new gear in the game and how EA seems to be dead on with players wearing their true gear.

TJ OSHIE is dirty...look out for him this year!
# 10 gator3guy @ 08/25/09 09:49 PM
International game: Finland vs. Switzerland, Just wanna see the jerseys.
# 11 Steve_OS @ 08/25/09 10:08 PM
OK, closing it up. I need to get some sleep, but will grab these before bed.
# 12 Steve_OS @ 08/25/09 10:10 PM
BTW, will have a few of these per week, so keep your eyes open for it.

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