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The Breakaway Forums have posted some NHL 2K10 screenshots.

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# 1 sanjosesharks22 @ 08/26/09 06:08 PM
It sure was. It looks very, very, very realistic.
# 2 sharks @ 08/26/09 06:42 PM
Agreed. The player faces look great. Have you seen Setoguchi! Aside from his missing visor he looks amazing! Now, if we could only get a screenshot of Cheechoo.
# 3 sharks @ 08/26/09 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
Cheechoo is done man. Any way yeah he looks great I am sure Cheechoo will too. I think if Cheechoo was on Joe's line again he can come back, but with Set and his skating ability I do see Cheechoo coming back to the first line!
I am confident that he has plenty of Rocket Richard talent left! He has been playing through injuries for the past few seasons. I think Marleau was in the background of one of the IGN screenshots a while back. He looked stunning without that C on his jersey!
# 4 RoyalBoyle14 @ 08/26/09 10:09 PM
WOW, look freakin sweet. can't wait.
# 5 Eddie1967 @ 08/26/09 10:13 PM
Very nice looking pictures. The faces are very well done and the arena's are superb.
# 6 tabulaRasa @ 08/27/09 02:24 AM
Amazing arenas, and the player models (except the goalies) look awesome. Player faces are really really good. Nice new shader on the faces also. Whalers jerseys! wohoo.
# 7 Flyermania @ 08/27/09 07:01 AM
It's been said before, but the upgrades in the player faces from 2k9 to 2k10 is incredible...they really did a fantastic job.
# 8 sanjosesharks22 @ 08/27/09 06:36 PM
EA's graphics: 6/10
2K's graphics: 9.5/10

EA's gameplay: 8/10
2K's gameplay: ?/10 We will see some gameplay footage soon... I hope.

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