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As requested by our readers, here are some NHL 10 screenshots. Do NOT make requests here! I will create another topic later in the week, maybe tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

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# 1 kai123 @ 08/25/09 11:09 PM
Thanks bro. You're good man.
# 2 onlybygrace @ 08/25/09 11:53 PM
Yeah...thanks so much man.

That said, TJ Oshie looks stupid in this game. Fail.

But thats my biggest gripe about the game so its all good. So...I might just put their Oshie in the Euro Leagues and create my own.
# 3 LuGer33 @ 08/26/09 01:46 AM
Thanks man! The Revokes look great and as for Richard's cyber... well, uh, it's an improvement from last year, at least.

I got two more goalies I want to see (to confirm if certain gear is in or not), so I'm eagerly anticipating your next request thread. Thanks again.
# 4 gator3guy @ 08/26/09 02:13 AM
Thanks alot for taking the requests. Same old jerseys for the national teams (no pro-fit ) But they did add the Suomi logo so thats a plus. Thanks again.
# 5 les3couleurs @ 08/26/09 09:26 AM
Thanks for taking the time to do it.
# 6 akula @ 08/26/09 09:34 AM
Kablerle looks pretty darn good imo.
# 7 sweetjones @ 08/26/09 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
To me it looks like the faces took a hit this year. Maybe it is me, but there is something that looks different. Thanks for showing Joe T. This is game will be SICK!
I see what u are talkin bout. It seems like they are missing some layers or textures to me. I think they are too clean.
# 8 Jays20593 @ 08/26/09 02:46 PM
Thanks for taking a pic of Pascal Leclaire, Steve.
# 9 CarryTheWeight @ 08/26/09 02:54 PM
Sabres' third jerseys have been fixed. Thanks, Steve, for the screens.
# 10 LuGer33 @ 08/28/09 09:36 AM
So uh.. is Steve going to be back this week? He seemed to vanish after posting his Q&A blog, hope all is well.

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