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Today we launched OS Fantasy Football 09 (OSFF for short). If you're a member of OS you are automatically registered to play OSFF.

Here are the steps you need to take to get your OSFF team ready for Week 1 of the NFL season (starting Sept 10).

  1. If you are not a member of OS already, Sign Up.
  2. Head to the OSFF site and Create A Team.
  3. Build your team by spending your $200 in fantasy dollars on the players you feel will earn the most fantasy points throughout the season. The prices are locked until Sept 7, when the market goes live. From that point until the end of the season players prices will fluctuate dependent on their on-field performances.
  4. Set your Roster
  5. Enter an existing league or create a league for you and your buddies
  6. Visit the new OSFF Forum to discuss everything OSFF related
  7. Check back regularly during the NFL season to keep your roster up to date by selling and purchasing players.
Everyone who builds a team is automatically entered into the Global League. Each week the member who scores the most fantasy points wins an awesome game pack (see the Week 1 Prize Pack). At the end of the NFL season the overall winner walks away with an even bigger game pack that includes, amongst other things, a PS3 console and Xbox 360 console.

Member Comments
# 1 Bumble14 @ 08/26/09 08:06 AM
I need a team, who wants to adopt me?
# 2 Bumble14 @ 08/26/09 08:07 AM
I meant I need a league.
# 3 Clarke_311 @ 08/26/09 02:08 PM
A question about this. Does is matter what the league you're in when it comes to determing the prize winners?
# 4 lgkeeper @ 08/26/09 02:26 PM
Clarke - I'll double check, but I think that as long as you're in the global OS league, you're eligible for prizes.
# 5 strictbusiness14 @ 08/26/09 02:52 PM
Is it just me, or is Mark Sanchez not available in the fantasy leagues?
# 6 lgkeeper @ 08/26/09 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by strictbusiness14
Is it just me, or is Mark Sanchez not available in the fantasy leagues?
Originally Posted by lgkeeper
Check out the "How To Play" page for more information: http://fantasy.operationsports.com/howtoplay/nfl_basics

"After creating a team, managers can go immediately to the pre-season trading floor to starting buying players. During the pre-season trading period, managers can buy and sell players as often as they want at fixed prices and without transaction fees. Initially, only approximately 200 players will be available on the trading floor. Then as opening day draws nearer, additional players and rookies will be released on to the trading floor as initial public offerings (IPOs)."

Not sure what players will be available or how many, but as we get closer to opening day, more players will be availble for trading.
Here ya go...
# 7 HechticSooner @ 08/27/09 05:51 PM
why is it that I cant get in, everytime it tells me to login and the flips me to the forums telling me that I am already a member.

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