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Da_Czar checks in with the finale of his NBA Live 09 vs. NBA 2K9 Battleground.

"Da_Czar brings you the finale of the 2009 Battleground. NBA Live 09 vs. NBA 2K9. See who claims the title as king of the court, as well as, see which Dev team snatches feature of the year."

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# 1 EvanRG @ 08/26/09 06:19 AM
Pretty good insight -- I think NBA 2k9 was years ahead of Live. My only question is why is this coming out now? -- and not when the games were more in their 'cycle.'

Especially since the new games are almost out.
# 2 luv_mist @ 08/26/09 09:41 AM
Appreciate the video Czar. Definitely didn't know about the polls between the two or probably forgot about them. Thanks for sticking with it until the end. Love your work bro. Looking forward to your next video of course. Definitley seeing the score being closer this year. I can only wonder though.
# 3 marcoyk @ 08/26/09 04:10 PM
I really enjoy watching these. I really don't see any bias in these videos. Thanks.
# 4 Wiffyjustus @ 08/26/09 05:29 PM
Thanks Czar,

Great effort. Very insightful.

Live had some nice little victories in particular areas, but it is hard to deny 2k's victory in 2009.
# 5 Bornindamecca @ 08/27/09 10:26 AM
Briliant, brilliant job, Cz. That was hilarious as well as accurate.
# 6 youvalss @ 08/27/09 09:19 PM
Great video, obvious outcome.
# 7 taqiyya @ 08/28/09 07:15 AM
That's whats up great work again man!! I saw on the page final episode up and had to be like Live and Lock on!! I like there was no favorites when you did this video series. Thank you for the under the hood insight and I look forward to your next project man.

# 8 DC @ 08/29/09 05:07 PM
Briliant, brilliant job, Cz. That was hilarious as well as accurate.
# 9 SDJHood93 @ 09/13/10 07:09 PM
Great video and 2K will always come out on top.

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