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Hey guys -

We're back in full force now after our wind-down, and we've been working on a "FAQ" blog to put out. Posting on forums and answering questions directly on Twitter just hasn't been widespread enough (since we keep getting the same questions asked), so this seemed like the best logical idea.

I've definitely been trying to read everything from the community, but I figured I'd open it up to make sure we gather all the most important questions in one place. We'll close this up by the weekend and try to have the blog out next week.


To get the big one out of the way:

"When is the first title update coming out, and what is in it?"

The first patch is done on our end and in the hands of 3rd party for approvals, so I *think* we'll be able to release all the details about what's in the 1st title update in the official FAQ blog.

So...fire away!

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# 1 Beardown @ 09/02/09 11:39 AM
Are the tackle stats in franchise being fixed?

Is anything being worked on for the human pass rush, CPU QB duck pass?

Are the penalty problems being looked at?

Are there any tweaks being made to the cutscenes, especially the wrong guy celebrating a TD?

I will duck and cover now for when more people see this thread.
# 2 MelMan1486 @ 09/02/09 11:40 AM
Are you guys really combining the AFL throwbacks with other content and charging for it?

And is the assisted and total tackles problem adressed?
# 3 teambayern @ 09/02/09 11:41 AM
Thanks Ian! (for the game and the FAQ)

Two Questions:

1) How will online progression be calculated? Is it based strictly on potential, or will playing time or performance factor in as well?

2) I don't know if you're answering gameplay questions in this FAQ, but in case you are, are there any plans to tweak the depth of zone coverages? (see this thread if you are, but the jist is shortening the depths for hook, deep, and flat zones)
# 4 JerzeyReign @ 09/02/09 11:42 AM
Why is there no stadium specific chants??

Other than that I have no more questions, I really enjoy the game plus your probably going to get bombarded with *serious* questions anyway lol. But GREAT JOB ON THE GAME, EVEN AMONGST ALL OF OUR FRUSTRATION
# 5 Step2001 @ 09/02/09 11:42 AM
For the next Roster update: Please Add Cowboys WR, Kevin Ogletree!!!!

Enjoyed the one game I have played so far!

Needs expanded rosters (80 man) and most important, the I.R. logic needs to be fixed for Madden 11!!!

Open up a roster spot when placing a injured player on the I.R.
Practice Squads!

Are the above on tap for Madden 11?
# 6 Danimal @ 09/02/09 11:51 AM
There ya go
# 7 drlw322 @ 09/02/09 11:52 AM
welcome back, Ian. I have to admit i was getting frustrated, with all the stat problems in franchise. Thanks for showing up with this tough crowd. Now my question is

1)will the assist tackle stats be added to the solo stats
2)will the RB yards per carry stats and TD stats be fix to realistic number
3)will the inflate QB stats be tone down
4)will the WR be able to make the overhead catches facing the correct side of the ball being thrown.
5)will the game be able to trigger some of those sideline tip toe catch animation from years past.
6)will Favre and Vick's career stats be added to their profile
7)are you going to tone down the cpu blitzing constantly leading to wide open TE and slot receiver
8) stadium chant (can't hear any)
9)are you going upgrade the quality of videos uploaded to EA sportsworld like NCAA did
10) will the replay system be fix. replays are getting cut off in the beginning when the replay is too long.

thank you once again
# 8 Netherscourge @ 09/02/09 11:53 AM
Broadcast Camera - How's it coming along and when can we expect to see it in the game?
# 9 seasprite @ 09/02/09 11:55 AM
Any plans to make some updates to the online franchise servers as it relates to contracts and free agency? Thanks
# 10 Hova57 @ 09/02/09 11:55 AM
will there be a change on how the game uses and control 3-4 defense. will you have the ability to have two different profiles run a game ie: controller one profile name and controller two profile name and not blank
# 11 UF Fan @ 09/02/09 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by Netherscourge
Broadcast Camera - How's it coming along and when can we expect to see it in the game?
# 12 gunit1225 @ 09/02/09 11:56 AM
I wanted to ask you if these two issues were adressed in the first patch for offline play they are the two biggest issues in the game and if not will they be.

1.) Run Blocking. Somebody needs to wake up the RG and tell him that the C can manage to block the NG on his own most of the time, especially if it means that by helping the C he is subjecting the RB to a Team Picture of the LB Corps in the backfield on every damn play. I mean let's have the OL at least block SOMEBODY and not just run around in space looking lost, OK? To be clear here...I am just using the RG as one example, the whole damn line is guilty of not knowing what the hell to do. I do appreciate the stellar work that EA has done to address "suction blocking" animations, and some credit is do, but this deficiancy is killing the game on every level. Do I really have to list all the ways that this is the number one important thing?

2.) Penalties. I want these sliders to never have to even APPROACH "100". If these sliders are at "100" I want to see AT LEAST one penalty on EVERY PLAY (not to mention 'offsetting penalties').
On "0" I should see NO PENALTIES AT ALL. If EA gives us this range in these sliders, we will sort out which penalty sliders should be set where thank you. A good 75% of the drama of a game is the damn zebras pissing you off or helping you with those damn yellow bean bags, either stopping drives, extending drives, or playing havoc with your playcalling on a situational basis.
For example...If I have a rookie CB or a TIRED CB, he should be getting flagged for having to cheat with Pass Interference, Defensive Holding, or Illegal Use of the Hands. I should have to make a decision on benching him because he is killing me with free yardage for the other team. When I see him starting to get tired, that should tell me that I either take a chance with a "double X" or a "double Z" defense, sub him out to get a blow and risk my sub getting punked, or hope the Side Judge is looking at a nice set of Ta-Ta's in the crowd so he doesn't throw the flag.
# 13 emacfenian @ 09/02/09 11:57 AM
Will instant replays be fixed so they don't cut off the beginning of longer plays? Will the full replays be available?
# 14 Hova57 @ 09/02/09 11:58 AM
cpu running teams defense instead of an eagles-esque blitzing.
will be able to increase time on on-line games and still be considered rank? also turning of chew clock or adding 10 sec run off to give time to make changes
# 15 jvaccaro @ 09/02/09 11:58 AM
Can you please explain how the sliders really work together?

There has to be some interaction between the CPU Skill and the Player Skill sliders, but it's not clear.
# 16 northface28 @ 09/02/09 11:59 AM
Will the pancake issue for O-lineman be fixed?
Will tackles and assists totals be added correctly?
Will the draft history be restored for players?
Will the stats during a franchise being fixed for cpu controlled teams?
Will the lack of penalties be addressed?
Will replays actually make sense now? (i.e. be shown after big plays)
# 17 countryboy @ 09/02/09 11:59 AM
Ian, I know you can't give out the patch notes yet, but I was wondering if maybe you could let us know if the patch will work with existing franchises, or if we'll have to re-start them?

Thank you
# 18 jvaccaro @ 09/02/09 11:59 AM
What is the difference between Advanced and Hardcore play calling?
# 19 kt-od @ 09/02/09 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by SalutationsNJ
Why is there no stadium specific chants??

Other than that I have no more questions, I really enjoy the game plus your probably going to get bombarded with *serious* questions anyway lol. But GREAT JOB ON THE GAME, EVEN AMONGST ALL OF OUR FRUSTRATION
I second this question and post.
# 20 Trevytrev11 @ 09/02/09 12:00 PM
With the game on the shelves for a few weeks now, what is your opinion of the overall quality of the product delivered to the customers. Obviously every producer always wants to accomplish more in one year than they are able to, but are you satisfied with the quality and representation of NFL football in this game? Do you feel that you achieved everything you set out to achieve that was mentioned in prior interviews, blogs and other Q&A type sessions?

Obviously there are issues (some major some minor depending on who you ask) with the title that was released. Without knowing what will be patched, is this something we should expect going forward with this title?

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