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Now, beyond the introduction, I want to talk about Madden today. How fitting is it that Maddenís theme this year is ďFight for Every Yard.Ē I wonder if the gameís producers know how truly close they are, I really do. This game is inches from competing for best sports game out (my personal favorite was NBA 2K last year). While Iíve given Madden a hard time for some time -- I even boycotted the game for two years (2007 and 2008) because I felt like it wasnít up to par -- this year is different. The game is not only playable, itís good. Real good. Now is it perfect? Nope. But Iíve been gaming long enough to know the perfect game doesnít exist.

So Iíve decided to focus on a few gameplay elements that could be better, and even some issues that can hopefully be patched (donít you just love living in the times of current-generation consoles?)

Feature written by Kushmir Hassan

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# 1 Rbk @ 09/02/09 07:57 PM
Pursuit angles
The flatts
etc etc.
# 2 babyboykenneth @ 09/02/09 11:01 PM
the game still help it hard to find sim player because has to many issue
# 3 BlueNGold @ 09/02/09 11:10 PM
IDK why everyone is hating on Madden so much. It's miles better than the first 4 next gen games. There isn't anything that's gamekilling this year, the game is fun and Franchise mode works this year.

I think people seem to forget that the "G.O.A.T." of football games (2K5) had issues too. QB play was horrible, the DB "circle" animation, it was almost impossible to hit screen passes and Franchise mode was broken.

That's just as much issues as Madden this year and we get 2 patches for it.
# 4 tooldude79 @ 09/02/09 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by BlueNGold
I think people seem to forget that the "G.O.A.T." of football games (2K5) had issues too. QB play was horrible, the DB "circle" animation, it was almost impossible to hit screen passes and Franchise mode was broken.
i was never a big of 2k5. im not one to really care too much either way when it comes to cutscenes...give me great gameplay!!! However, i didnt feel as jipped after i bought it since it was only $19.99...and i also had Madden 05(king of all football games, imo) to fall back on

BTW.. this is the 5th next-gen Madden
# 5 BlueNGold @ 09/02/09 11:25 PM
Originally Posted by fourthreemafia
This really gets old.

Pointing out flaws in the game is not hating on it. Everytime someone criticizes the game or points out a flaw, someone like you jumps out an says "Why are you hating on the game?"

The game has issues...alot of them. And just because certain flaws arent gamekillers to you doesnt mean they arent gamekillers to others.

I agree with you that it is the best next gen game, but that really doesnt say anything. I also agree with they guy above who said the game is drastically overrated. When I first bought the game, I thought it was great. Since that first week, I havent even touched it. Once the patches and roster updates get posted, Ill try it again, but overall the game is still pretty mediocre in comparison to other sports titles.
Ok, I probably shouldn't have said everyone but I'm talking about the guys that are saying "Madden sucks this year", "This is the worst Madden" and all of that garbage. Or the guy a few posts above that says "This is more like 4th and Forever".

The issues like the ones Rbk pointed out, sim stats and a few others can almost all be patched and probably will be. I just think people are overreacting when they think this game is a piece of ****.

BTW.. this is the 5th next-gen Madden
Yeah but the first with Ian, Donny, and Josh in the positions they're in now.
# 6 Coach Gordon @ 09/03/09 01:03 AM
This game still lacks realistic human physics. You can change directions as if you are playing Tecmo Bowl (a game I loved) an arcade football game. It seems like you are playing with a D-pad and not an anolog stick (only 2 angles, 90 degrees and 45 degrees). The camera does not zoom into the ball on pass plays making it difficult to take full control of your WR or DB to know how to approach a ball confidently ( you end up watching the game rather than playing it). Stiff arm being controled by one button totally dumbs down decisive control. Pretty graphics with non sim control. Physics engine must be revamped to satisfy sim heads that played real football. Even Madden 03 had player momentum. All-Pro 2K8 has best physics engine on next gen systems thus far. It must be too technical for EA to emulate this engine just like the sliding in EA b-ball games can't match NBA 2k9. Madden deserves scrutiny if they want to monopolize the NFL market. They created there own pressure.
# 7 BlueNGold @ 09/03/09 01:46 AM
Yeah, they need to go back to the way it was last gen in terms of changing directions/running animations.

FIFA 09 suffered from this same problem (the 90 degree running). Even my 10 year old cousin pointed it out saying "This game(Madden 10) is pretty realistic but when they turn it doesn't look realistic at all.".

The player movement and momentum is alot better than NCAA though.

BTW, I don't know if I read your post wrong but NBA Live is the game that has pretty much no sliding while 2K has alot of sliding.
# 8 Guggy107 @ 09/03/09 02:37 AM
totally agree that apf 2k8 has a fabulous physics engine. players have just never moved as realistically in ea games as they do in 2k games. having said that, im still finally enjoying a madden game. there are just a few areas where they should take a page out of the 2k playbook.
# 9 BlueNGold @ 09/03/09 02:43 AM
Yeah I would love for them to take their WR/DB interaction, sideline catches and challenge system.

Another thing I notice too is that is seems like in Madden there's just some routes you can't throw to like out routes but in APF you can throw pretty much any route. I think it has something to do with the timing of the QB dropback and the plays themself. I think in Madden the QB dropback is too fast which is why routes like that square route are so hard to throw because your QB is done his dropback well before the WR breaks on the route.

If Madden could switch that up for 2011 that would be awesome since I doubt it's something they can fix with 10.
# 10 Putinwork @ 09/03/09 07:35 AM
Yea man Fair Play is something they should bring back!
# 11 matt2053 @ 09/03/09 09:14 AM
Re: end of half/game rules, you probably should have consulted an NFL rulebook or any of the various threads in this forum on the subject before you posted that article. You kinda sound like you don't know what you're talking about now.
# 12 seasprite @ 09/03/09 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by matt2053
Re: end of half/game rules, you probably should have consulted an NFL rulebook or any of the various threads in this forum on the subject before you posted that article. You kinda sound like you don't know what you're talking about now.
agreeded, a run off of ten seconds will occur for a penalty at the half or at the end of the game and the play will not be replayed for a holding call if it is committed by the team that is losing.
# 13 BlackRome @ 09/03/09 02:29 PM
Madden 08 on Xbox. The best Madden I have ever played.

I was wondering why they didn't include the mercy rule for online in this years version.

No need. Once you get up 21 points you can bet the AI will make the guy your pounding come back.
# 14 BlueNGold @ 09/03/09 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by wheelman990
what does 2k have to do with Madden not being a great game, and its gameplay feeling old and boring as was posted? If Madden fails, it did it on its own, there arent any other football games to compare it with.......oh, were you speaking of a 2005 game? Funny, are we still that behind with Madden. Give the 2k talk a rest, Maddens judged on itself now....and still hasnt met 2010 standards. Madden 2010 should have been like this back in 2006/2007. I dont even want to stress how far behind it is with other sport games.

I never said 2K has anything to do with Madden's success/failure. I brought up 2K5 because like I said, alot of people think that is the best football game ever but the way those people talk about it always being so much better than Madden is annoying because they call out Madden on all of it's problems but never mention the problems that game had as well.

Don't get me wrong, I love 2K5 as well and have it sitting right next to my 360 but I'm just tired of people complaining about Madden and then bringing up 2K5 like it's the holy grail of games and act like it had no problems as if Madden is the only game that's ever had issues.

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