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IGN has posted four videos of NHL 2K10.

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NHL 2K10 Videos
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# 1 original6 @ 09/03/09 10:47 PM
Not too bad. Certainly better gameplay settings than the "other vids". Other than that, not too much to comment on. Bish scored a rather nice breakaway I must say.

Thanks for the linkage.
# 2 Eddie1967 @ 09/03/09 11:06 PM
This game is simply gorgeous.
# 3 CarryTheWeight @ 09/04/09 12:24 AM
-Looks like you can switch camera angles on the fly this year without having to go into the pause menu! Now, for the million-dollar question: will your custom angle finally save to your profile instead of resetting every time you load the game up? Hmmm....

-The game seems to move at a more deliberate pace this year which is very apparent from this footage (not sure why I didn't really take notice of it in the 2KH footage). Nothing seems overly spastic anymore in the speed department.

-Pass accuracy slider. Hope it works. That is all.

-Goal celebrations seem unchanged...why? We still see individual players celebrating on their own little island in the middle of the rink instead of going directly to their teammates and congratulating them. This isn't golf, it's hockey, a team sport.

-Unless the player buttoned through stoppages, it looks like no stoppage replays or special cutscenes were added this year. Disappointing that they couldn't augment their already-solid presentation, but we'll see for sure once the final version comes out.

-I don't care what 2K says on the matter: Commentary is virtually unchanged. I don't see any improvement from last year whatsoever. Overhaul time?

-Crowd noise is a lot better this year. Lots of incidental noise from individual fans which wasn't in the game last year. 2K9 just had way too much of the "big pop" and not a lot of subtlety in the audio area. Looks like it's been revamped this year.

-Heard MGMT's "Time To Pretend" during a stoppage. Ironically, I was listening to the song earlier today on the way to work and thought of how it could work as video game menu music. I guess 2K read my mind.

-Great breakaway goal by Bish in the second Pens/Caps video. Good reaction by the crowd and amazing goal horn audio.

-Up close, the graphics look better than they have ever looked before in the series. A job well done in that department, especially on the player faces. Leaps and bounds better than the atrocious 2K9 models and faces.
# 4 jyoung @ 09/04/09 01:37 AM
Wow, this game looks incredibly arcadey.
# 5 jyoung @ 09/04/09 01:45 AM
Tape to tape passing.

Laser shooting.

Speed bursting up and down the ice with one breakaway/odd man rush after the other.
# 6 onlybygrace @ 09/04/09 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
Tape to tape passing.

Laser shooting.

Speed bursting up and down the ice with one breakaway/odd man rush after the other.
Yeah, it was pretty bad. I would think that with the pass assist slider minimized it would have made for a much more realistic look.

...but for the most part...not so great...and ronnie2k sucks. hehe
# 7 CarryTheWeight @ 09/04/09 01:57 AM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
WWTC said yes it will. But we shall see.
Yeah, just saw a post by Shadow confirming it on the 2KHockey forums so it's most likely in.
# 8 CarryTheWeight @ 09/04/09 02:28 AM
Coming off this video, I can't help but wonder if sliders dramatically influence gameplay. I posted this in the massive "Developers Are Listening" thread...

I hate to bring up Midway's NHL Hitz Pro again, but it's one of the only games I feel can cater to every gamer's tastes. I feel an approach similar to Hitz Pro will undoubtedly support 2K's mantra of creating a fun, yet realistic hockey experience. In my opinion, the three control selections of NHL 2K9 offered three distinct ways of playing the game. If this philosophy can be expanded to the entire gameplay itself, gamers will be able to select the gameplay that suits their own expectations of a hockey title. I'm not talking about adding the flaming pucks and glass-shattering checks that stigmatize the Hitz series, but sliders that can dramatically affect a game's feeling. Does a gamer prefer a faster, "arcade" game with increased hitting? Or does a gamer prefer a slower, methodical and painfully realistic game of hockey? Offer both. Make the experience as customizable as possible. That way, you can deliver fun AND realism with a gameplay experience that caters to the INDIVIDUAL gamer and not a bunch of unsatisfied gamers at large.
...did they listen? It may seem so, as many aspects of the game seen in the 2KHockey videos with "sim sliders" are virtually nonexistent in this video. Then again, this is an Online Team-Up game without an AI player in sight. So maybe that's the excuse, I don't know.
# 9 savoie2006 @ 09/04/09 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
Tape to tape passing.

Laser shooting.

Speed bursting up and down the ice with one breakaway/odd man rush after the other.
All of which are slider adjustable, so just because it's that way in the videos doesn't mean it has to be that way in the game.

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