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Joystiq has posted their hands-on impressions of Tony Hawk Ride.

"The first game mode I got to try on the board was a simple speed run down a steep incline. The control scheme was set to automatic, limiting the amount of steering I would have to do -- a kindness bestowed upon me by the demo's coordinators that I shall not soon forget. Green power-ups placed throughout the map (usually in high arcing patterns at the ends of ramps) would extend the amount of time I had to complete the run. Red power-ups, which similarly required well-timed jumps to avoid, did the opposite.

My trajectory during this first run-through was interesting -- I spent the first minute of the run on the ground, occasionally managing an unimpressive bunny hop here and there, hitting nearly every time deduction on the track. However, the acclamation process began to set in, and my in-game dexterity improved. I even ended up making a difficult jump at the end of the run that the Robomodo rep who played before me failed to pull off -- though I still felt confident that I had done so in the least stylish way possible."

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